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A Week of Symfony #714 (31 August - 6 September 2020)

This week of Symfony blog post is backed by JoliCode. JoliCode is a team of passionate developers and open-source lovers, with a strong expertise in PHP & Symfony technologies. They can help you build your projects using state-of-the-art practices.

This week, the Symfony 5 book was published for free in all available languages. Meanwhile, the upcoming Symfony 5.2 version updated security to allow configuring the order of firewall listeners and added new Doctrine types for ULID and UUID values.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 74 pull requests were merged (57 in code and 17 in docs) and 53 issues were closed (44 in code and 9 in docs). Excluding merges, 41 authors made 5,340 additions and 1,992 deletions. See details for code and docs.

3.4 changelog:

  • 33cacad: [Console] fixed undefined index for inconsistent command name definition
  • c653f2c: [FrameworkBundle] made AbstractPhpFileCacheWarmer public
  • 9460894: [Debug] parse "x not found" errors correctly on PHP 8
  • 44dc0cd: [Validator] added Bosnian (BS) translation
  • 63eab44: [PhpUnitBridge] adjust output parsing of CoverageListenerTrait for PHPUnit 9.3
  • ee8fc9c: [VarDumper] fixed caster for invalid SplFileInfo objects on PHP 8

4.4 changelog:

  • 93459a9: [Serializer] fixed fix encoding of cache keys with anonymous classes
  • 6bebe86: [Cache] Psr16Cache does not handle Proxy cache items
  • 8ec0e58: [PhpUnitBridge] swallow deprecations
  • 804f194: [DependencyInjection] fixed inlining of non-shared services
  • d9910e0: [HttpClient] removed headers with internal meaning from HttpClient responses
  • f0c4d31: [Ldap] added comment about bind with empty password
  • 52719f2: [PhpunitBridge] fixed deprecation type detection (when several autoload files are used)
  • 067dc2d: [Form] removed invalid instantiation declaration
  • 4482fcf: [PropertyInfo] fixed typed collections in PHP 7.4
  • a19f91a: [PhpUnitBridge] CoverageListenerTrait update for PHPUnit 8.5/9.x
  • da73be8: [Cache] fixed CacheCollectorPass with decorated cache pools
  • 4222a72: [DependencyInjection] fixed generating preload file when cache_dir is outside project_dir

5.1 changelog:

  • 0d99044: [Mailer] fixed 'verify_peer' option in mailer DSN being ignored
  • 3061bfe: stop using the deprecated at() PHPUnit matcher
  • a36c43b: allowed Drupal to wrap the Symfony test listener
  • c98e160: [Messenger] removed DelaySeconds parameter for FIFO queues

Master changelog:

  • 2d21c39: [PropertyAccess] fixed bitwise operations
  • c649bfa: [Translation] skip tests if required class does not exist
  • ccfc4ba: added support for using the "label" placeholder in constraint messages
  • dc63d71: [Form] dispatch submit events for disabled forms too
  • 4753e4d: [Serializer] fixed denormalization of basic property-types in XML and CSV
  • 33cacad: [Console] fixed undefined index for inconsistent command name definition
  • afdb97e: [Security] configurable execution order for firewall listeners
  • e06d339: [Cache] give control over cache prefix seed
  • b094d43: translate failure messages of JSON authentication
  • 174d91c: [DoctrineBridge] added Ulid and Uuid as Doctrine types
  • 05bdfc9: [Messenger] added option to prevent Redis from deleting messages on rejection
  • 4ab612c: [Validator] debug validator command

Newest issues and pull requests

They talked about us

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A Week of Symfony #714 (31 August - 6 September 2020)

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Thanks for the nice update.
In the section "They talked about us" => Symfony 5 REAT API init

Isn't it supposed to be "REST" ?
Yes, there was a typo. It's fixed now. Thanks!

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