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A Week of Symfony #729 (14-20 December 2020)

This week of Symfony blog post is backed by SensioLabs. As the creator of Symfony, SensioLabs supports companies using Symfony, with an offering encompassing consultancy, expertise, services, training, and technical assistance to ensure the success of web application development projects.

This week, Symfony 4.4.18, 5.1.10 and 5.2.1 maintenance versions were released. Meanwhile, the pre-conference workshops for the next Symfony conferences were announced. Lastly, a special Christmas Sale was announced for all certifications.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 67 pull requests were merged (51 in code and 16 in docs) and 76 issues were closed (51 in code and 25 in docs). See details for code and docs.

4.4 changelog:

  • 43ab20e: [Lock] prevent store exception break combined store
  • c052542: [Serializer] fixed EncoderInterface::encode() return type
  • a316a31: [Ldap] incorrect determination of RelativeDistinguishedName for the "move" operation
  • 72fb034: [Mailer] fixed parsing DSN with empty user/password
  • 5eeb957: normalize exceptions messages containing methods references
  • 7b3461c: updated Luxembourgish translations
  • def8181: updated Basque translations

5.1 changelog:

  • 77960f8: [Notifier] could not use custom host in Free Mobile DSN
  • 8797138: [Notifier] host is required in Mattermost

5.2 changelog:

  • 936bab4: [FrameworkBundle] fixed missing kernel.build_dir on cache clear
  • 6112be3: [DoctrineBridge] guess correct form types for DATE_IMMUTABLE and DATETIME_IMMUTABLE
  • 3741b06: [VarDumper] don't hide any nodes until JavaScript is proven to work
  • 756bab4: [Notifier] set message id on SentMessage
  • 6ead4a2: [Notifier] use private const and mb_strlen() in Discord
  • 0625c2a: [HttpFoundation] keep turning dots to underscores when using Request::create()
  • 7b4af4b: [Notifier] host is required in Infobip and Zulip
  • 7a7ded2: [FrameworkBundle] fixed NFS detection on macOS

5.x changelog:

  • ee901c3: [FrameworkBundle] added "mailer" monolog channel to mailer transports
  • c766e59: [FrameworkBundle] allow env variables in json_manifest_path
  • cf08a50: [Notifier] fixed toString when optional parameter is not set

Newest issues and pull requests

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