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A Week of Symfony #739 (22-28 February 2021)

This week of Symfony blog post is backed by SensioLabs. As the creator of Symfony, SensioLabs supports companies using Symfony, with an offering encompassing consultancy, expertise, services, training, and technical assistance to ensure the success of web application development projects.

This week, Symfony added a feature to allow container/routing configurators to vary by environment in the same file and started working on its compatibility with the upcoming PHP 8.1 version. In addition, it announced the keynotes for all SymfonyLive Online 2021 conferences and the first part of the French conference schedule.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 49 pull requests were merged (31 in code and 18 in docs) and 56 issues were closed (51 in code and 5 in docs). Excluding merges, 28 authors made 151,067 additions and 84,860 deletions. See details for code and docs.

4.4 changelog:

  • 0027d1c: [Cache] fix setting items' metadata on commit()
  • 070f003: [Routing] fix conflict with param named class in attribute
  • f3529fd: switch to non-null defaults in exception constructors
  • 1688e5d: [Cache] fix Redis TLS scheme rediss for Redis connection
  • b5dc77e: [Console] handle calls to mb_ functions with non string arguments
  • 91121ac: [Translation] make name attribute optional in xliff2
  • b955445: [TwigBridge] install symfony/intl to run tests on Travis
  • 890ada4, e141afb: Adding a Github action to run Psalm
  • 3fe1564: [Cache] add server-commands support for Predis Replication Environments
  • a5683c5: [HttpClient] MockResponse total_time should not be simulated when provided
  • 87aeb8d: [HttpKernel] configure session.cookie_secure earlier

5.2 changelog:

  • 5028aaf: [FrameworkBundle] allow x-forwarded-prefix trusted header in config
  • 3a2906c: [Config] switched to non-null defaults in exception constructors
  • b037319: [Security] #[CurrentUser] arguments should resolve to null for anon.
  • 3fe1564: [Cache] add server-commands support for Predis Replication Environments

5.x changelog:

  • 858dca4: [FrameworkBundle] allow container/routing configurators to vary by env
  • 304980e: [Form] remove hard dependency on symfony/intl
  • b44b9aa: deprecate passing null as $message or $code to exceptions
  • d54a122: [Routing] construct Route annotations using named arguments
  • 1849b57: [DependencyInjection] add ContainerBuilder::willBeAvailable() to help with conditional configuration
  • e2f1c46: [Uid] add Generate and Inspect commands
  • d9dedb4: [HttpClient] add HttpClientInterface::withOptions()
  • 59fbe57: [Messenger] add rediss:// DSN scheme support for TLS to Redis transport
  • 79f6a5c: [RateLimiter, Security] allow to use no lock in the rate limiter/login throttling
  • f0e076a: [HttpKernel] handle multi-attribute controller arguments

Symfony CLI

Symfony CLI is a must-have tool when developing Symfony applications on your local machine. It includes the Symfony Local Server, the best way to run local Symfony applications. This week Symfony CLI released its new 4.23.0 and 4.23.1 versions with the following changes:

  • Fix a crash when known_hosts format is wrong
  • Add Mercure support
  • Fix PHP version detection when using alternatives on Linux
  • Add support for MYSQL_HOST and MYSQL_TCP_PORT env vars

Newest issues and pull requests

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