Keynotes for all SymfonyLive Online 2021 conferences announced!

We’re pleased to meet you at our upcoming SymfonyLive Online conference editions in Polish on March 12, in French on April 9, in German on April 16 and in Spanish on May 7. All the SymfonyLive Online conferences will be organized in dedicated languages, you can attend a conference in Polish, French, German or Spanish! If you're more comfortable with English, you can attend SymfonyWorld Online conference on June 17-18, organized entirely in English.

All Keynotes will be the same for each SymfonyLive Online conference! We’re deligthed to welcome our Keynote Speakers from the Symfony Core Team:

  • Fabien Potencier, Symfony founder and project lead, for the opening Keynote about "Boring is the new hype". You are not Google, are you? 99.9% of applications will never have the problems top websites face. So, why are we using the same strategies? This controversial session will talk about taking informed decisions when starting a project from a technical, economical, and ecological point of views. I will share how I maintain my small and not so small projects. From a good dependency upgrade strategy to cron, backup, and error monitoring, there is a lot to talk about.
  • Ryan Weaver, Symfony Documentation lead, Symfony Core Team member and trainer at SymfonyCasts, for the closing Keynote about "The New Testing Landscape: Panther, Foundry & More". Symfony comes with a number to tools for testing, like BrowserKit & DomCrawler as well as test classes for booting the kernel, accessing services and using a bunch of built-in assertions. But what do you do if you need to test the JavaScript on your page? In this talk, we'll explore a set of new tools & clear patterns (Arrange, Act, Assert) for test…

We're also pleased to announce 2 more talks which will be presented at each SymfonyLive Online conference by two other Symfony Core Team members. To stay up to date with the very latest improvements within Symfony, please welcome:

  • Titouan Galopin, Symfony Core Team member and SymfonyInsight lead, for a talk about "Getting started with Symfony UX". Symfony UX is an initiative and set of libraries to seamlessly integrate JavaScript tools into your application. From charts to dropzones and croppers, Symfony UX provides plug and play tools to improve the usability of your apps. Let's discover how to use it and the library it relies on: StimulusJS.
  • Nicolas Grekas, Symfony Core Team member, for a talk about "Hidden gems in Symfony". Symfony is a feature-rich set of components. When used together as a flexible framework, their capabilities don't just add up, they combine! With autowiring, autoconfiguration and autodiscovery, it's never been easier to get up to speed at coding, with Symfony taking care of most of the bootstrapping and wiring. In this talk, I'd like to present you with some gems that you can find in any Symfony app, just waiting for you to leverage them. I'll also give you a sneak peek at what is coming to Symfony 5.3. The community always finds ways to improve the State of the Art!

Keynotes and the above talks will be in English for SymfonyLive Online Polish Edition 2021, SymfonyLive Online German Edition 2021, SymfonyLive Online Spanish Edition 2021 (except for Ryan's Keynote, which will be in Spanish); and in French for SymfonyLive Online French Edition 2021 (except for Ryan's Keynote, which will still be in English). All Keynotes and talks will have subtitles so you can fully understand any talk.

Join us now at any Symfony Online conference! All conferences will have 2 conference tracks so you can choose the talks you want to watch. And if you missed a talk, when you're registered to a conference, you will have access to the entire conference replay. It will be available the day after the conference is over.

Last but not least, if you want to get trained on Symfony, enjoy our pre-conference online workshop sessions. Find out more on our latest blog post! You can attend any pre-conference online workshop, they are all in English and workshop tickets are sold separately from the conference tickets.

Register now and see you very soon online!

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Keynotes for all SymfonyLive Online 2021 conferences announced!

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