A week of symfony #77 (16->22 june 2008)

Symfony continue expanding and improving its documentation. During this week, several new cookbook tutorials were added and lots of translations were published thanks to the contribution of the symfony community. In addition, the first four chapters of the new symfony 1.1 forms book were published.

Development highlights

  • r9609: [1.1] fixed sfPropelDatabaseSchema related class and task trying to generate a schema from an empty YAML schema definition (this can occur when you have no schema.yml for a whole project but use ones from plugins)
  • r9618: [1.1] fixed possible notice
  • r9636: [1.1] fixed phpdoc for sfCoreAutoload
  • r9652: [1.1] added the ability to set the style used when calling the logSection method in task classes (backward compatible)
  • r9662: [1.1] made mysql timestamp more robust
  • r9663: [1.1] fixed sfCreoleSessionStorage
  • r9664: [1.1] fixed problem for unit tests
  • r9665: [1.1] fixed unique columns method in Peer classes when several unique indexes exist for the same column
  • r9666: [1.1] added a throw_global_error to sfPropelValidatorUnique
  • r9667: [1.1] fixed sfValidatorDate
  • r9668, r9669: [1.0, 1.1] fixed sfBrowser does not create DOMDocument when response is text/xml
  • r9674: [1.1] fixed custom schema for plugins are not found in Win32 environments
  • r9675: [1.1] fixed I18N bug in form_error() helper
  • r9693: [1.1] removed noXSD attribute from propel
  • r9721: [1.1] added check for available project configuration when discovering tasks. This change allows symfony to find plugin tasks when the plugin directory has been changed in ProjectConfiguration
  • r9722: [1.1] disabled the autoloadAgain feature
  • r9745: [1.1] fixed typo in sfWebResponse::addMeta() phpdoc
  • Updated dwhittle branch
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 159 changesets, 34 defects created, 25 defects closed, 10 enhancements created, 5 enhancements closed, 11 documentation defects created, 7 documentation defects closed and 87 documentation edits.

Book and documentation



  • New plugins
    • dgDojoPlugin: brings in some helpers to aid in the integration of Dojo capabilities with Symfony. This includes toolbars, trees, context menus, lightboxes, and tons of other great widgets brought to you by the Dojo team.
    • isicsSitemapXMLPlugin: provides an easy way to generate a sitemap.xml
    • sfPropelPlanetPlugin: provides very simple feed aggregation features to your symfony 1.1 powered application
    • sfDoctrineTestFullPlugin: this plugin has a pake task which will run all tests for symfony, doctrine, and then your project. It includes an external to the Doctrine tests.
    • sfStatsPlugin: provides an easy way to display charts based on data you already own. Whether you want to follow the global progress of your application usage, or to analyze precisely how many specific actions were done by users under particular conditions, this plugin is for you.
  • Updated plugins
    • sfPropelPlugin: fixed include, fixed duplicate notification in admin generators, tweaked processFilters to check filter type, fixed addSortCriteria sensitivity, merged fixes for session storage + unique validators, fixed schema fixtures
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: added fix to getI18NString so it can handle foreign-fields in list/edit-titles, removed content in extConstants, added fix for defining partials from your generator.yml file in edit-js pages, updated documentation, refactored filenaming of javascript files and defined them in the config.php file instead of the list/edit-ajaxsuccess.php files, added some class variables to sfExtjsPropelAdminGenerator for a few common variables, added generator support for method and variable partials to gridpanel, added automatic creation of the method or variable partial file specified in the generator, split methods and variables out of columnmodel into seperate partials, added partials config for method and variable for columnmodel, changed to partials for config syntax instead of partial, replaced all instantiations of $tableDelimiter, $controller, $sfExtjsThemePlugin by one instantiation in the generator (made by KRavEN) for generation-time and in the PJS and PHP-main files, tested and fixed Ext.ux.ForeignFieldColumn grid plugin, added Ext.ux.form.ComboBox.js that adds support for combobox store set to an array or associative array, implemented custom partials for renderers, started refactoring getColumnAjaxDefinition, reduced getColumnAjaxListDefinition-method arguments to a minimum, using xtypes instead of ext-objects, removed sfExtjs2Plugin from generation for getColumnAjaxListDefinition
    • ckWebServicePlugin: updated main page to link to pages for each version, added support for soap headers, updated documentation, implemented new configuration model in sf10 version, fixed error in README for sf10 and sf11 version, released 1.4.0 version
    • sfPropelMigrationsLightPlugin: corrected blunder in sfMigration::addColumn()
    • sfGoogleAnalyticsPlugin: fixed symfony 1.1 logger compatibility, updated documentation, released version 1.1.2
    • sfGuardDoctrinePlugin: removed some unused files
    • sfDoctrinePlugin: fixed "class sfValidatorDoctrineChoice appears to be missing", bug fixes to get I18n working, lazy load translation if it hasn't been retrieved already
    • sfDoctrineSimpleCMSPlugin: changing the format for components in the fixture file so it works with the current doctrine yaml parser
    • mwOpenFlashChartPlugin: updated documentation
    • sfPagerNavigationPlugin: fixed URL for demo
    • sfExtjs2Plugin: corrected some default values (they where all strings instead of ints/booleans), quote-except config now also accepts i18n strings
    • sfPropelParanoidBehaviorPlugin: updated documentation
    • sfXssSafePlugin: allow to add custom elements, released 0.6.0 version
    • sfSearchPlugin: refactored xfIndex (new xfIndexGroup to hold indices that have a common service registry together, running ->setup() on the index is no longer required, event dispatchers are now optional, (BC) xfIndex is now an interface, (BC) xfIndex constructor has no arguments now), added dedicated loggers to create optional dependency on sfEventDispatcher, fixed unit tests, updated README, published the first 3 chapters of the book/documentation of this plugin
    • sfPropelSearchPlugin: fixed unit tests
    • sfFeed2Plugin: added the possibility to pass arguments to methods that convert an object to an item
    • sfPropelActAsPolymorphicBehaviorPlugin: fixed typo in README, progress toward symfony 1.1 compatibility
    • sfLucenePlugin: updated README for sfSearch and 1.1

Some new symfony powered websites

  • Movie2B: (english) a movie reviews site. Links to downloads provided.
  • 2nci blog: (turkish) personal blog of Yılmaz UÄŸurlu
  • easySYS: (german) CRM & ERP Business Software
  • Tour Volume: (english) concert listing site that lets you listen to bands that are currently touring
  • Green Pulse: (english) website of the Power Saving Software called Green Pulse. Symfony based frontend, backend and webservices

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I can't seem to find any info about dgDojo plugin ( apart from the wiki page ). Is it still in planning ? Any eta on release ?
When book about sf 1.1 will be ready to buy? :)
Thanks Javier!

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