A week of symfony #85 (11->17 august 2008)

Symfony core development resumed this week its normal pace with several changesets in the 1.2 branch. Among these updates, YAML parser gained full merge key support and PHP 5.2.4 was set as the minimum PHP version required.

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Development highlights

  • r10800: [1.2] changed the sfValidatorSchemaCompare constant values
  • r10802: [1.1, 1.2] added an exception when using a non existant operator with sfValidatorSchemaCompare
  • r10827: [1.2] updated check_configuration script to check PHP 5.2.4 as the minimum requirement for symfony 1.2
  • r10828: [1.2] removed code that deals with PHP < 5.2
  • r10829: [1.2] simplified cookie storage in sfWebResponse
  • r10830: [1.2] added cookie support to the browser classes
  • r10832: [1.2] added full merge key support in YAML parser
  • r10833: [1.0, 1.1, 1.2] fixed % causes escaping of single quotes in app.yml in some circumstances
  • r10834: [1.2] added an optional argument to redirectIf and redirectUnless to change the status code
  • r10835: [1.2] fixed sfRequest:hasParameter() doesn't allow for NULL values
  • r10841: [1.0] fixed hours & minutes not parsed by sfI18N::getTimestampForCulture()
  • r10846: [lime] fixed is() method for floats
  • r10858: [1.2] IPv6 compat fix for IP check in generated dev controller
  • r10880, r10881: [1.1, 1.2] fixed sfYaml does not handle long numeric values correctly
  • r10893, r10894: [1.1, 1.2] fixed sfBaseValidator::isEmpty returns true for bool(false) und int(0)
  • r10902: [1.1] reverted some changes to sfValidatorSchemaCompare (to maintain BC in the symfony 1.1 branch)
  • Updated dwhittle branch
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 153 changesets, 36 defects created, 34 defects closed, 6 enhancements created, 5 enhancements closed, 9 documentation defects created, 5 documentation defects closed and 43 documentation edits.

Book and documentation



  • New plugins
  • Updated plugins
    • sfPropelFinderPlugin: added abstract sfModelFinder class to keep all abstract methods out of DbFinder, refactored DbFinder to allow agnostic finders on model objects to extend it, fixed problem with lacking PHPDoc on DbFinder methods, now custom finders must extend DbFinder to be ORM agnostic, fixed problem with sfPropelFinder, symfony cache and Propel 1.3, [BC break] removed _and() (synonym for where()) and renamed _or() to orWhere(), implemented sfDoctrineFinder::orWhere(), implemented sfDoctrine::combine(), sfPropelFinder::join() now defaults to an INNER JOIN instead of a WHERE statement, implemented limit() and offset() in both sfPropelFinder and sfDoctrineFinder, implemented not in comparison in sfDoctrineFinder::where(), added finder_methods parameter in generator.yml, released 0.4.0 version
    • sfPropelActAsSignableBehaviorPlugin: fixed typo
    • sfGravatarPlugin: released 0.8.0 version
    • sfPropelActAsCommentableBehaviorPlugin: published 0.5.0 version of the plugin, with bugfixes and new features, added 'rel="nofollow"' attribute to all user-contributed links, don't save comments when the user's IP address has changed between the display of the form and the comment submission
    • sfDoctrineGuardPlugin: fixed a bug related with adding users
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: new notewindow extension class to create a nice notes/comments window with running history, initial start on NoteColumn grid plugin, added try-catch to prevent errors when loading data while tiny-mce editor already closed, set default-sort order to grid-store, added support to specify a column as a plugin in the generator, implemented grid-event initialization, implemented load-failure event, fixed date filtering problem with single dates, resolved issues with combos defined in the generator.yml having alternate store url's or static stores, switched TabPanel to lazy load
    • sfDoctrinePlugin: fixed sfDoctrineUniqueValidator not working properly with postgresql, fixed PHP Notice in isUpdate method in sfValidatorDoctrineUnique, fixed autoload.yml fails validation, fixed doctrine:build-forms incorrect path
    • sfSimpleBlogPlugin: switched to sfPropelFinder for database queries, released 0.9 version
    • ckWebServicePlugin: removed final modifier from static field, changed base type of ckXsdArrayType to ckXsdType, moved inline constants to const fields, finished serialize methods, added methods to return all objects from registries, added main generator class, added return value to registry method, added support for soap headers, moved method to get all complex and array types from ckWsdlDefinitions to ckXsdType, changed signature of ckWsdlGenerator::addMethod so a custom name could be supplied, fixed error in wsdl serialization, replaced old wsdl generator with new ckWsdlGenerator in ckWebServiceGenerateWsdlTask, added soap header support to sf1.0 compatible version
    • sfFormtasticPlugin: moved registration of config handler to after sfAutoload has been registered in the core, added log message and dispatch of a form.validation_failure event to form validation failure
    • DbFinderPlugin: implemented sfDoctrineFinder::relatedTo(), moved magic __call() to the parent sfModelFinder class, implemented sfDoctrine::orderBy(), added getQueryObject() to the list of default methods, added support for sfDoctrineFinder::join()
    • sfGuardPlugin: added a group filter for symfony 1.0 & 1.1, updated package.xml with the new changelog section, converted README to markdown, fixed forms, fixed redirects after login
    • sfPropelAlternativeSchemaPlugin: readding builder patch since the bug is still not fixed in symfony 1.0
    • sfFLVPlayerPlugin: tested plugin with symfony 1.1.1 and works, added changelog
    • sfThumbnailPlugin: added a toResource() method
    • sfLucenePlugin: fixed bug in DirectoryIterator not implementing getRealPath() on in some PHP versions

Some new symfony powered websites

  • Mazemod: a web radio dedicated to amiga & tracker music culture streaming various styles of computer electronic music from the demoscene & computer art subculture.

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What is the rationale for setting the minimum to PHP 5.2.4?
On most ours prod servers run debian etch with php 5.2.0. It will be difficult to convince theadmins to install a newer php version.

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