A week of symfony #96 (27 october -> 2 november 2008)

As promised, the first beta version of symfony 1.2 was released this week, featuring lots of improvements and a new admin generator. In addition, symfony project activity has been stunning during this week: more than 200 changesets, 5 new plugins, 15 updated plugins, 8 new symfony-powered websites and lots of documentation updates.

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Development highlights

  • r12395: [1.2] ordered output of app:routes task
  • r12400: [1.2] added an option to change the id segment and changed the default requirement for it to be an integer
  • r12403: [1.2] changed ConfigureCore task to PublishAssets. It also now iterates over all installed plugins, rather than only the core plugins. Only working with core plugins can be enforced with --only-core
  • r12405: [1.2] fixed plugin:publish-assets task
  • r12409: [1.2] added support for stylesheets and javascripts in the form framework
  • r12426: [1.1] fixed typo on sfGenerateAppTask.class.php
  • r12427: [1.2] added the possibility to add collection and object actions in collection routes
  • r12430, r12431: [new_admin] added the new admin generator
  • r12434: [new_admin] changed all i18n strings to be under a sf_admin catalogue, added French translations, added the possibility to change the catalogue for user strings
  • r12439: [new_admin] added full support for credentials on actions (link display and action protection)
  • r12455: [new_admin] added support for virtual columns in list
  • r12472: [1.2] added unit tests for sfWidgetFormChoice
  • r12473, r12474: [1.2] merged new_admin branch to 1.2
  • r12475, r12476: [new_admin] removed branch
  • r12479: [1.2] added type hinting for generated execute methods in actions
  • r12481: [1.2] fixed action parameter customization
  • r12483: [1.2] better management of virtual fields and their configuration in the admin generator
  • r12492: [1.2] reimplemented batch actions
  • r12499: [1.1, 1.2] fixed alternate dispatcher being used in command application
  • r12500: [1.2] changed batch actions to be 'real' actions
  • r12503: [1.2] added plugin configuration classes
  • r12506: [1.2] added m2m fields even if nothing is configured in the admin generator
  • r12517: [1.2] added regex support to sfTesterResponse::isHeader()
  • r12519: [1.2] added an halt_on_error option to sfValidatorAnd
  • r12535: [1.2] made sure that sfSimpleAutoload is only registered once
  • r12536: [1.2] fixed autoloading in tasks
  • r12541: [1.2] refactored plugin:publish-assets a bit and make it run when generating a new project
  • r12542: [1.2] added a task to install core plugin assets in the upgrade task
  • r12544: [1.2] pruned symfony dir when autoloading project lib in tasks
  • r12547: [1.2] fixed bad unicode chars in XLIFF files
  • r12548, r12549: [1.1, 1.2] fixed global cache never cleared
  • r12550: Tagged symfony 1.2 beta1 version
  • r12579: [1.2] added tif datatype in mime_types.dat. closes
  • r12584: [1.2] added skeleton fixtures.yml with inline documentation
  • Updated dwhittle branch
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 213 changesets, 31 defects created, 39 defects closed, 16 enhancements created, 30 enhancements closed, 7 documentation defects created, 2 documentation defects closed and 52 documentation edits.

Book and documentation


  • New plugins
    • sfBugsPlugin: easily report bugs for modules and actions
    • sfI18NTranslatorPlugin: allows to translate an application inline
    • sfForms12Plugin: allows to use the symfony 1.2 form framework into a symfony 1.0 project, or in a non symfony project
    • simpleForumPropel13Plugin: sfSimpleForumPlugin with Propel 1.3
    • sfCombinePlugin: combines multiple JavaScript and CSS files into one JavaScript and one CSS file at runtime, in order to minimize the number of HTTP requests required to render a given page
  • Updated plugins
    • DbFinderPlugin: added the ability to call useCache(true) to let DbFinder choose a caching backend (works for both Propel and Doctrine adapters)
    • sfEasyGmapPlugin: Gmap default constant modification
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: adding in new components from the original theme, added sfmixin to add init to either propel or doctrine generators, scrapped the mixer idea and switched the variable inits to getters, moved controller and tableDelimiter to the generator, coverted remaming template files, fixed bugs with toolbar_paging, fixed paging in executeList, resolved a bug with boolean columns json, removed unused custom il8n method, fixes for credential checking on rowaction, tweaks to skeleton generator.yml commented examples and to list_renderer, fixed getXtype module, fixed getModule in generator, single edits now working, single deletes now working, fixed listcolumn editable config settings in generator, moved store config to generator, moved columnmodel config to the generator, moved store config to the generator, moved gridpanel config to the generator, moved custom methods and variable generation for all classes to the generator
    • swToolboxPlugin: fixed typo, add swWidgetFormInputCheckboxGroup widget, render only a simple radio html tag for swWidgetFormRadio, added "dynamic form values" features
    • sfPropelSlotBehaviorPlugin: released 0.1.9 and 0.1.10 versions (refactor & bug fixes)
    • sfCombineFilterPlugin: switched to JsMin and CssMin to minimize css and javascript
    • sfDoctrineUserPlugin: copying all the code from 1.1 branch to the trunk so we can begin work on a 1.2 version, changing the way the fixtures are set up
    • sfFormExtraPlugin: removed the need to add an onsubmit attribute to the form tag for the DoubleList widget, added getJavascripts() and getStylesheets() method to the widgets that need some javascripts or stylesheets to work, added some references to articles talking about the plugin
    • sfDynamicCMSPlugin: pre-released and versions (fix bugs & refactoring), pre-released version (some improvements)
    • sfJqueryReloadedPlugin: added a path for plugin dir
    • ysfYUIPlugin: changed symlink path
    • sfPropelPlugin:
      • [new_admin]: changed all i18n strings to be under a sf_admin catalogue, added French translations, added the possibility to change the catalogue for user strings, renamed sfPropelCrud to sfPropelModule, added pt_BR, nl, de, ja, no, es, dk, es_AR, bg, pl, it, zh_CN, sk, id, ro, ru, tr, pt, fi and cs translations, added full support for credentials on actions, added events for plugins (admin.pre_execute, admin.build_criteria, admin.save_object), fixed CSS, added support for virtual columns in list, added partial and component support for filters, added credential support for list, readded the possibility to change the default stylesheet
      • [1.2]: added type hinting for generated execute methods in actions, fixed action parameter customization, better management of virtual fields and their configuration in the admin generator, improved filters and form real field detection, reimplemented batch actions, changed batch actions to be 'real' actions, added m2m fields even if nothing is configured in the admin generator, added a new event when a record is deleted in the admin generator, fixed autoloading in tasks, fixed getRawValue() on empty array
    • sfTaskExtraPlugin: initial import generate:module extension
    • sfFeed2Plugin: fixed timestamp not UTC
    • ckWebServicePlugin: completed api documentation

Some new symfony powered websites

  • Black Rainbow: (english, french) leading online magazine about street-culture, fashion and trends.
  • Ville de Caromb: (french) official website of Caromb village
  • Design made in Germany: (german) design blog and community
  • sfShop: a constantly growing open source on-line shop e-commerce platform based on Symfony framework
  • Thank you project: (english) forward your thanks to your friends and visually track how your thanks distribute around the world
  • Ege Burada: (turkish) Aegean University news, fun and life portal
  • Demi: (finnish) online community and home of a popular Finnish youth trend magazine
  • Salesmart: (finnish, english) a company website

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A week of symfony #96 (27 october -> 2 november 2008) symfony.com/blog/a-week-of-symfony-96-27-october-2-november-2008

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Well, I have already downloaded and installed it on my laptop to play with it a bit. I'm pretty new to Symfony, in fact I have only discovered it few days ago but I have already decided it will be a PHP framework of my choice.

Installation process was smooth (PEAR installation on XP with WAMP) - the official installation tutorial on your site plus the one on poetryofprogramming worked well, I just needed to edit the path to "sf" directory which has changed once again in newest WAMP. It's like this now:


Of course change E:/ to the partition you have WAMP installed at.

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