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Admin Generator cheat sheet

We observed that those who use the admin generator extensively sometimes experience dizziness, disorientation or, in the worst cases, fear, due to the plethora of possibilities.

If you don't want to make the admin generator chapter your bedside reading, and if you don't want to watch the screencast in slow motion to understand all Fabien's tricks, you will be pleased to learn that an admin generator cheat sheet is available for download.

Admin Generator Cheat Sheet

The result is not final, and we keep on extending the admin generator features, so expect this reference card to be updated every once in a while.

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a welcome resource, this is exactly the right direction for the generator tool. good work
Ahah! i discover something new

A great idea when displaying edit page
thx a lot
wow, very nice- thanks!
Great stuff again! Just what I needed.
excepted gleefully with open arms... : )
Thanks Francois
I wonder whether in the Partial fields portion, '_article_link.php' is correctly spelled or should it be '_post_link.php'?

Another thing is this sheet is hardly readable on an A4 printing. The shade background color of boxes renders the words blur.

Thanks for this good sheet, very useful.
Great ! It would have been so much usefull to me some days ago :) Sure it will in the near future :)

Juste a question : how to use the ez and zend frameworks binding classes, that have been committed recently ? Is it possible to have a sort of "roadmap" of the future ehancements to Symfony ?
Gerard: If you look at the timeline for new features in beta releases, don't forget to look also for updates in the doc ;)

And for the roadmap, click on the 'tickets' link on top of each page, the milestones represent the future versions of symfony.
In the input types box, it says "admin_input_upload_tag" when it should be "admin_input_file_tag"

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