And the winner is...

We recently organized a contest to select the best design for symfony default pages (error 404, congratulations, and so on). The first (and only) prize was a lovely French beret. The contest ended yesterday, and somebody won.

All the submissions were of great quality (see them in this forum thread), and we are very happy that the community participated in the image of the framework. We thank all the contributors for their great work, but we had to choose only one.

Let's not keep the suspense any longer: the winner is justinm, for his "brown diagonal" design. Here is a sample of his work, already integrated in the framework (in release r2692).

Congratulations default page

Now, we expect Justin to call/email us and give us his address, so that we can send him the wonderful prize of the design contest. Justin, wherever you are (in London?), give us a sign. Then, when Justin receives the beret, he will make a picture of himself wearing it, and we will publish that picture on this very website.

At last, you will be able to put a face on symfony!


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That fine !

So, if my memory is good, the release of the version 1.0 should not be too far, now ?
just great !!!
haha, thats funny. well done justin, great design work...

PS, i want one of those beret!
Great design! Congrats :)
i like it. congrats to the winner, nice work
Looking good. Thanks Justin!
That looks pretty cool. Very clean and professional.
Good choice indeed.
Any update on the estimate when 1.0 will be released? I'll buy the book!
Brilliant design work; you've done the project proud, justinm!!
> At last, you will be able to put a face on symfony!

Well why not François, Fabien and the others as faces for Symfony ?

By the way, nice work justinm, the color scheme makes me think a lot of my former "Charamel" theme for Firefox 1.5.

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