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symfony 1.0.6 released

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A week of symfony #30 (23->29 July 2007)

Symfony development steadily progresses towards 1.1 version and prepares for major refactoring during following weeks. Plugins list adds up 108 plugins, with 3 more plugins released this week. Symfony's marketplace grows with new job offers and devolpers for hire all around the world.

A week of symfony #29 (16->22 July 2007)

Development of symfony framework continues at a frenetic pace. This week also marks a new milestone for development: the 2000th ticket.

A simple CMS for symfony

At last!

A week of symfony #28 (09->15 July 2007)

The return of the weekly updates

India's biggest Open Source Unconference "OSS Camp"

PHP4 is dead, long live PHP5!

symfony is part of the go PHP5 initiative

Zend framework released

Some good PHP5 code available