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Plugins have a new home

I'm pretty happy to announce that I have just deployed a new version of the symfony project website with a brand new Plugins section to replace the Trac plugin management system.

A week of symfony #82 (21->27 july 2008)

Very calm week for Symfony core development. Meanwhile, three new job offers were published and three new plugins were released. Moreover, lots of plugins updated their documentation during this week.

A week of symfony #81 (14->20 july 2008)

The main activity of this week has been focused on plugins. Yahoo continues publishing some of the plugins used to build its websites. In addition, 25 plugins were updated during this week, mostly sfExtjsThemePlugin, dgDojoPlugin and sfFormtasticPlugin.

A week of symfony #80 (7->13 july 2008)

After the big symfony 1.1 launch, development activity of symfony core has slowed down a bit. In contrast, plugins maintain their great activity with more than 20 plugins updated this week.

symfony available from official Debian repositories

Some of you may have followed the mailing list posts about the Debian / Ubuntu package recently. The people using those Linux distributions will be glad to hear that symfony 1.0 is now officially part of the Debian distribution.

A week of symfony #79 (30 june -> 6 july 2008)

After months of development, symfony published its long-awaited 1.1.0 version during this week. Furthermore, symfony project achieves its maturity with the 10,000th changeset of its source code. And this is just the beginning, because the next version of symfony will be published in less than 4 months.

symfony 1.2 roadmap

As symfony 1.1 is now out of the door, it's time to talk about the next symfony version.