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symfony available from official Debian repositories

Some of you may have followed the mailing list posts about the Debian / Ubuntu package recently. The people using those Linux distributions will be glad to hear that symfony 1.0 is now officially part of the Debian distribution. For now, it is in the «unstable» repository, no doubt it will be soon present in «testing». Big thanks go to Martin Meredith, the official maintainer of the package, for his remarkable work. He ensured all licenses of all files composing the framework were compatible with the Debian licensing policy. We are now working at packaging symfony 1.1 (creating man page, studying dependencies etc...). Both packages will be installable on a same server with the Debian's alternative mechanism. For those who were using the symfony repository, the package 1.0.x will still be maintained the time for administrators to change their sources.list. symfony 1.1 will only be available from the official Debian repository.

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Great news! Ready to make an apt-get intall symfony
sudo yum install symfony?
Nice. Way easier than installing trough pear :P
Nice to hear, but after all, I prefer pear installation.
And what about the famous distribution called Fedora 9. Is anyone want to make a package for this very good ditribution ?
what about ubuntu?
@Gunt: Ubuntu is based on Debian and therefore will get the Symfony package automatically.
Thank you very much for this news. I am using testing and I will wait to get it promoted to testing soon...

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