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Plugins for symfony 1.3/1.4

The five most popular symfony plugins are now available and packaged for symfony 1.3 and 1.4

A week of symfony #152 (23->29 November 2009)

This week, the final release candidates of symfony 1.3 and 1.4 were published, paving the way for the long-awaited release of their final versions. Meanwhile, all the documentation and some plugins were updated for symfony 1.3/1.4.

The symfony website is now powered by symfony 1.4

Today, I spent some time migrating some of my public websites to symfony 1.4. I wanted to validate both the stability of this new version, and also see how easy it was to upgrade to the first symfony version that does not have any support for deprecated stuff.

Upgrading to symfony 1.4

About the new project:validate task.

Books for symfony 1.3/1.4

The symfony 1.3 and 1.4 final releases are just around the corner, and will probably be published next Monday. As you might have noticed, the symfony documentation have also been updated to take into account the changes made in those two new versions.

Final Release Candidates for symfony 1.3 and 1.4

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A week of symfony #151 (16->22 November 2009)

Release Candidates for symfony 1.3 and 1.4 were released this week. Although final versions are just one week away, symfony core team continued adding some enhancements and improving performance. In addition, Symfony 2.0 branch was created updating some components and adding the new Output Escaper component.

Release Candidates for symfony 1.3 and 1.4!

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BugHuntDay Report

Last saturday was the day that the PHPBenelux usergroup organized their annual BugHuntDay. This year, the focus was on symfony, which led to 4 core team members being there amongst the attendees of the day. The day was attended by 17 people in total who seemed excited to commit some time to supporting symfony, as well as a number of people in the IRC chatroom.

A week of symfony #150 (9->15 November 2009)

Symfony project development got a boost this week with the release of the second beta of symfony 1.3, the first alpha of Lime 2 testing framework and the creation of symfony 1.4 branch.

Prepare yourself for BugHuntDay

With the symfony BugHuntDay just around the corner next saturday 14th of november, it is time to have a look at what you can do to prepare yourself. Luckily, one of the PHPBenelux crew members, Thijs Feryn, has posted a tutorial on his weblog on what you can do to prepare for the BugHuntDay.

symfony 1.3 beta 2

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Lime 2 alpha released

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A week of symfony #149 (2->8 November 2009)

Symfony documentation was heavily updated this week, mostly the new Jobeet 1.3 book. Meanwhile, symfony 1.3 continued polishing some features before its long-awaited final release. ORM development activity was frenetic and both Propel and Doctrine were updated to their latest versions.

Using Propel 1.4 detailed logging

Today Propel 1.4.0 was released, containing richer debugging information as before. This post will show you how to use them.

A week of symfony #148 (26 October -> 1 November 2009)

Symfony 1.3 completed this week another milestone with its beta 1 version release. Meanwhile, it was announced that Symfony 2.0 will finally require PHP 5.3 and the first consequences of this decision were shown at the PHPBarcelona conference. Lastly, symfony started a new effort to improve routing performance, defining several tests and patches.