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A week of symfony #173 (19->25 April 2010)

Symfony 2 continued this week adding new components: BrowserKit (a client to simulate a real browser) and Finder (which wraps many useful Iterator classes for finding files and directories).

A week of symfony #172 (12->18 April 2010)

This week Symfony 2 finished the integration of PHPUnit 3.5 for applications. Moreover, Symfony 2 added two new components: DomCrawler (part of the functional test sub-framework) and PhpProcess (runs a PHP script in a forked process).

A week of symfony #171 (5->11 April 2010)

Symfony 1.X branch fixed some bugs this week before releasing two new maintainance versions (1.3.4 and 1.4.4). Meanwhile, Symfony 2 added a new component called CssSelector, which allows to parse XML documents with CSS selectors.

symfony 1.3.4 and 1.4.4

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A week of symfony #170 (29 March -> 4 April 2010)

This week, symfony project closed 77 bugs, mostly related to symfony 1.X branch and sfDoctrinePlugin. Meanwhile, symfony 1.4 documentation was migrated to Git and the upcoming book "a gentle introduction to symfony 1.4" added a brand-new chapter on forms.

The symfony 1.4 documentation on Git

Today, I have migrated the symfony 1.4 documentation from Subversion to Git.