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A week of symfony #186 (19->25 July 2010)

Symfony2 routing management was completely revamped this week with new loaders, methods, and configuration. These new loaders were also added to the Dependency Injection component. In addition, Doctrine bundle fixed several bugs and the internationalization component was added.

Symfony in the health industry

Symfony is used in a widespread range of industries, and this case study by Tomasz Muras of Enovation Solutions shows that the health industry has also embraced the framework for application development.

A week of symfony #185 (12->18 July 2010)

Dependency Injection, one of the key components of Symfony2, was heavily refactored during this week. Meanwhile, four new blogs joined to the hundreds of sites that blog regularly about symfony. - Building a frontend within 15 man days

A new case study today written by Lukas Smith of Liip, one of the speakers of this year's Symfony Live conference in Paris where he presented about the combining of Liip's Okapi framework with symfony. In this case study Lukas shows how you can really do rapid development of technologically advanced applications with a minimal effort.

A week of symfony #184 (5->11 July 2010)

Symfony2 suffered this week a huge internal refactoring: two of the main namespaces were renamed (Symfony\Framework to Symfony\Bundle and Symfony\Foundation to Symfony\Framework) and a new HttpFoundation component was introduced. Meanwhile, Symfony2 documentation continued growing and totalizes 30 brief documents and guides.

Symfony2 Documentation

The Symfony2 documentation grows every day.

A week of symfony #183 (28 June -> 4 July 2010)

After the great success of the first Symfony2 online conference, this week the development activity has been focused on its code refactorization. Dependency Injection has been completely refactored, and unit tests, the routing resources and some Foundation files have been reorganized.