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Symfony 2.0.15 released

Read release notes

Security Release: symfony 1.4.18 released

symfony 1.4.18 has just been released. It contains a security fix.

A week of symfony #282 (21->27 May 2012)

This week Form component continued its huge refactorization with hundreds of fixes, tweaks and changes (some of them breaking BC). In addition, Symfony Live San Francisco 2012 was announced and SensioLabs launched in United Kingdom.

Towards Symfony 2.1

About the Symfony 2.1 release cycle.

A week of symfony #281 (14->20 May 2012)

This week, Symfony 2.0.14 was released and the new OptionsResolver component was introduced. In addition, the first Symfony Community Survey was published to get a better understanding of the Symfony community.

Symfony Live San Francisco 2012

Don't miss the 2012 edition of the Symfony Live conference in San Francisco.

Symfony 2.0.14 released

Read release notes

Symfony Community Survey 2012

Fill-in the Symfony community survey and be included in a raffle with great Symfony goodies up for grabs.

A week of symfony #280 (7->13 May 2012)

This week, Symfony 2.1 updated its minimum required PHP version to 5.3.3, which contains a lot of bug fixes. Meanwhile, Dependency Injection and Session were the most active components in the repository.

Symfony Live Paris 2012: Some great news

The one where I give many great news for the upcoming Symfony Live Conference in Paris.

A week of symfony #279 (30 April -> 6 May 2012)

This week, Symfony 2.0.13 was released, including 120 commits with bug fixes and some nice tweaks (view changelog).