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A week of symfony #378 (24->30 March 2014)

This week, the Symfony development activity was frantic: the performance of the service container was improved, max_length and pattern options were deprecated in the Form component, a new UUID validator was added and a new twig:debug command was introduced to list all Twig functions, filters and global variables. Lastly, the addition of a much stricter email validator closed one of the longest running pull requests in Symfony history.

A week of symfony #377 (17->23 March 2014)

This week, Symfony added a new debug PHP extension to improve the Debug Symfony component. In addition, it enhanced the display of logs for the web profiler and added a standalone and PSR-3 compliant logger to the Console component.

A week of symfony #376 (10->16 March 2014)

This week, the Process component focused most of the development activity for the Symfony 2.3 branch. Meanwhile, the Form component improved the getErrors() method and firewalls added the feature of matching requests based on HTTP methods. In addition, Silex added support for the PATCH method and Twig fixed the recursive block calling for inherited templates.

A week of symfony #375 (03->09 March 2014)

This week the Console component greatly improved the ProgressBar helper and the ClassLoader component added a PSR-4 compatible class loader. Meanwhile, the refactorization of HttpKernel component started with the extraction of the profiler to a new component. In addition, the internal web server added support for HHVM.

OroCRM, the new kid on the Symfony2 block

There are many hard and risky decisions that need to be made when starting a new open-source project. We wanted to share with you how for OroCRM one of the best decisions we have made so far is selecting the Symfony2 framework to create our vision.

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A week of symfony #374 (24 February -> 2 March 2014)

This week, the Symfony Yaml component greatly improved its performance, thanks to its use in the Drupal 8 installer. In addition a new and advanced ProgressBar was proposed for the Console component.