Book summary

The symfony book is updated quite often, and we try to document all the features of the framework. However, since symfony has a lot of functionnalities, the previous presentation of the book didn't allow us to add new chapters.

So we added a new summary page and changed the sidebar links. Not only do you have a full-text search on every page of the book, the sidebar also provides a list of keywords sorted alphabetically for fast access to the ressource you're looking for. In addition, the list of chapters itself can highlight sections to show which ones were recently added or updated.

We hope that you will find this new page convenient and more easy to use. And remember that you can also browse the API documentation or have a look at the source code if the documentation doesn't cover the functionality you're working on yet.


Great! But i'm missing some kind of "next chapter" button or something...
Awesome guys, thanks for the timely work!

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