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I love books! And I buy a lot of them. When I was young, I dreamt about writing a book. And thanks to symfony, my dream became true two years ago with the publication of the "Definitive Guide to symfony" book, published by APress. This book was co-authored with François Zaninotto and it covers symfony 1.0. Last year, I wrote yet another book on symfony, "Practical symfony", to cover the new symfony 1.2 version. This book has been a huge success online, and was self-published on

Practical symfony

Today, I'm very proud to announce the immediate availability of the second edition of the "Practical symfony" book. This second edition is the result of all the updates we made since the first edition. We have also added an index to ease finding important information. It is the first book published by Sensio Labs as a publisher and it is available at online bookstores, like

As always, you can also read the book for free online (Propel and Doctrine), and you can even download it as a free PDF (Propel and Doctrine).

Symfony : Mieux développer en PHP avec Symfony 1.2 et Doctrine

Being French, many people asked for a French version of the book, and thanks to Eyrolles, you can now enjoy reading the "Symfony : Mieux développer en PHP avec Symfony 1.2 et Doctrine" book. It is an enhanced version of the English book, with more than 480 pages, and three unpublished appendices about the settings.yml and factories.yml configuration files. The book is of course available in traditional bookstores like la Fnac, but also online on

As I like free stuff, you can download two chapters for free, and all the appendices:

The symfony 1.2 Reference Guide

Some time ago, I wrote about yet another book on symfony, a symfony reference guide. The "Pratical symfony" book is a great way for a beginner to learn symfony, understand how it works, and also see best web development practices in action. But when you begin working on your own projects, you need a reference guide. A book where you can easily find answers to your questions at your fingertips. The Symfony 1.2 Reference Guide book aims to provide such a guide. It acts as a complementary book to Practical symfony. This is a book you will keep with you whenever you develop with symfony. This book is the fastest way to find every available configuration thanks to a very detailed table of contents, an index of terms, cross-references inside the chapters, tables, and much more. Here is the table of contents:

  • The YAML Format
  • Configuration File Principles
  • The settings.yml Configuration File
  • The factories.yml Configuration File
  • The generator.yml Configuration File
  • The databases.yml Configuration File
  • The security.yml Configuration File
  • The cache.yml Configuration File
  • The routing.yml Configuration File
  • The app.yml Configuration File
  • The filters.yml Configuration File
  • The view.yml Configuration File
  • Other Configuration Files
  • Events
  • Tasks

Published by Sensio Labs, the "Symfony 1.2 Reference Guide" book will be available sometime later this month as a printed book. To give you the gist of the book, I have made three chapters available for download now as PDF files:

The Guide to Doctrine 1.0

If you follow me on Twitter and use Doctrine as your preferred ORM, you are probably aware that Sensio Labs will also publish a book on Doctrine soon. Written by the Doctrine core team (Jonathan Wage, Konsta Vesterinen, Roman S. Borschel, and Guilherme Blanco), this book will be the definitive guide on Doctrine 1.0.

I hope you will enjoy reading the symfony documentation on paper!

Help the Symfony project!

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I'd love to buy the Reference Guide.
Thank you for keeping symfony such a well documented framework.
Awesome, I think I'm going shopping :-)

Is the "symfony Forms in Action" docs still the best reference for the forms framework?

I'm intrigued to know what chapters 5-7 and 9-10 will be.

Thanks Fabien.
Thanks, this is awesome news! :) I hope you'll also ship to Germany.

Cheers and keep it up!
@annis: yes, the books are available on,,, and so on. So, hopefully, the books can be delivered anywhere in the world.
Looking forward to a big announcement on the release of the Doctrine book - I'm waiting for that guy..
Just order "Mieux développer en PHP avec Symfony 1.2 et Doctrine" on amazon.
I'm in hurry to read it :-)
I ordered the french book the day of its availability, it is great !!
When will "The Guide to Doctrine 1.0" be available ?
Will there be a french version too ?

Many thanks !
@Fabien: Is there a summarised list of important amendments somewhere for people who purchased the first edition? We bought 6 of the first editions not too long ago...
Wow! great new stuff here, congratulations! these documentation is very useful for symfony programmers.
Nice website footer ;), i havent't realized up to now...
@Russ: It depends on when you purchased the first edition as the first edition was updated quite frequently. The big change is the index that was not in the first edition. Everything else is really about typos, and small changes. The trac timeline gives you all the changes ( On the imprint page, you will find the date of your version.
@Fabien: Keep up the good work. If I could just point out one minor niggle - the Forms PDF on the download page seems to be truncated (finishes around page 96/97) and all the pages in the index are 0 from that point onwards!
The reference book will be its weight worth in gold. will this book also be available online in its complete form?
@Ad: As I always say, documentation is as important as code. The code is Open-Source, so is the documentation. So, yes, both the online book and the printed one will be available at the same time. Of course, buying the book is also a way to support symfony. Also, the printed book has an index, which is really convenient when you are looking for something.
@Damon: This is fixed now.
well, you are very fast, i continue update jobeet book to spanish yet and you release a second edition. Thanks for think to us. I really want read more about symfony, for example, a guide practical symfony forms :)
hi fabien, i forget.
It's possible, have a comparative between doctrine and propel?

For now, i'm only probe PROPEL, it's way write a object Criteria, and it's autocomplete, help me avoid errors
I wish there was definitive guide to symfony for 1.2...
@z01d: getting started + Practical symfony + the symfony reference guide > the definitive guide to symfony
Yes, but 3 > 1.
Having a single, complete, authoritative source on symfony was the selling point for 1.0 for me.
good work! lotta books! but when the symfony FORMS book will be FINISHED?
How about a guide for, say, filter forms?

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