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As you probably saw in the previous post, good promotion often comes from local initiatives. The symfony team try to draw attention to the framework by writing tutorials, blog posts and by building up webcasts, but we know that without a local relay, we won't manage to reach the web application developpers at a global level.

The local relay can take several shapes: PHP magazines, conferences, local groups, thematic support sites or personal weblogs, in all languages. You probably know better than us what media should be used to reach the people like you in your environment, and that's where we need you.

If you know symfony and if you like it, why not write a speech, an article or a review about one particular feature? There are many features that are sexy enough to make both you and your article look good - think about the admin generator, the AJAX helpers, the routing, the email templating, the RSS automation, the unit test framework and the askeet initiative... By writing a nice tutorial, you have a good chance to see it published, and both you and symfony will gain in popularity. That's why we volunteer to do the technical proofreading of the articles that you will submit us, as far as they are written in English or in French.

By increasing the size of the community, we'll see more patches, better support in IRC, the mailing-lists and the forum, new plugins to answer your specific needs and we'll have some time to dedicate to the uber-cool new features we've been thinking of lately.

A helping hand would be welcome, so if you feel like writing...

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Great suggestions Francois, it would also be nice for more articles to be out there as potential Digg-fodder.
I just confirmed my accepted submission to the call of papers -- so symfoy will be presented during that two-day long conference "highlighting current topics in the area of free software and open source". The conference is organized by the students of the faculty of informatics at the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg and will be held 24th-25th of June 2006.
Hi all,
Symfony was featured in the New Zealand PHP usergroup ( meetup/gathering about a week ago in the city of Auckland, New Zealand.
Francois, after evaluating symfony and using in professional applications. I got success to spread the word in my company. The framework has been adopted by developers. Now, I am preparing articles in English Language to spread the world to globe.

However, I feel I will need to correspond with Symfony team, time by time. I have also emailed you and Fabien today.

Hope to get reply soon.

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