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News and updates about our diversity and inclusion initiatives.

CARE team training

Following the announcement of the CARE team members by Fabien, we would now move forward to organize a training to ensure that we are well prepared to handle incident reports. For this training we intend to draw upon the expertise of Sage Sharp from Otter Tech. A seats costs $350. We are looking for donations of one or more seats so that we can finance at least 5 seats.

Diversity Initiative: The CARE Team

Meet the first members of the CARE team.

Diversity initiative Update #2

Symfony now has a code of conduct and a process to deal when issues arise. We are looking for organisations interested in sponsoring diversity initiative ideas. We ask for feedback on how useful Google Translate is on the Symfony documentation. Finally, we are interested in bringing the SymfonyLive format to other countries and are requesting interested local people to contact us.

Diversity initiative update

Some recent topics within the diversity initiative, covering among many things: the new respectful review guidelines, mentorship programs, code of conduct and enforcement process, context and slack discussions, new slack channels.

Making SensioLabs Connect more inclusive

SensioLabs Connect redesigned some badges and default avatars to make them more inclusive as part of our diversity initiatives.

Next steps for the diversity initiative

In order to improve the diversity of the Symfony community we need to work on two main topics: 1) become more diversity friendly and 2) attracting and integrating people from marginalized communities. As possible next steps several ideas have been collected and added to the new [diversity repository]( All community members are invited to add their own ideas, add comments to existing ideas or champion ideas to bring them to life!

Let's grow the Symfony community

The diversity initiative is about growing our community by ensuring a safe environment for under represented groups and empowering them to become productive members of our community.

The Diversity Initiative

Diversity is one of the 5 initiative I announced during SymfonyCon Cluj. Let's make the Symfony community 10 times better.