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Diversity Initiative: The CARE Team

Adopting a Code of Conduct was a great step forward for the Symfony community. Now, if a community member encounters an issue of harassment or other unwanted behavior, they need to be able to report it and get support. This is one of the roles of the CARE team.

Today, I'm very honored and proud to announce the first members of the CARE team (in alphabetic order):

  • Emilie Lorenzo
  • Tobias Nyholm
  • Michelle Sanver

You can contact any of them directly using their contact details or you can also contact all of them at once by emailing

I want to thank them for volunteering.

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Thanks Emilie, Tobias and Michelle for volunteering!
Congratulations to the new team 👏
Congratulations to the CARE team! Thanks for them \o/
We got the 3 nicest and most impressive people I know in the Symfony world! Woo!
Congrats :)
Cool. But from outsite the care team i am a little bit concerned about Tobias, who makes a lot of features atm. I assume he has a normal job too, is that ok for you? I mean sustainable pace and health should be a theme in a community too.
Great news! Congrats to all!
Thank you for stepping up, this is great news!

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