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Updates About the "Symfony 5: The Fast Track" Book

The contents of the new book about Symfony 5 have been completed on time. Read the full table of contents and find out other surprising facts about the book.

Symfony 5: The Fast Track, a new Symfony book

"Symfony 5: The Fast Track" is a new book about creating modern web applications with Symfony. Please, help us make this book a reality.

Copy code from examples

Code examples on now display a "copy code" button so you can quickly copy their contents to the clipboard.

Improvements to the Handling of .env Files for all Symfony Versions

Some recent recipe changes have made the .env loading system more flexible! Updating your app to take advantage of these changes is optional, but available to any app built on Symfony Flex.

Meet our new official family member: SymfonyCasts!

Meet our new official family member: SymfonyCasts!

Introducing the new Symfony Documentation

In this article, we're thrilled to introduce the new Symfony Documentation: a result of over 150 hours of volunteer work to reword most contents and reorganize the entire documentation.

Announcing the Fourth Symfony Docs Hack Day

The Symfony project is proud to announce its fourth Symfony Docs Hack Day. This Hack Day will be an online event to give a push to the Symfony Docs before the Symfony 3.1 release at the end of this month.

The New Symfony Documentation Search Engine

This use case explains how we created the new search engine for the documentation published on

Discontinuing the Symfony Community Translations

A few days ago, we updated the documentation section on to remove the French and Italian community translations. From now on, on this website you will only find the original English documentation.

How we Auto-Deploy Documentation Pull Requests with

All Symfony Documentation PR's now auto-deploy for review, thanks to!