A month of Symfony Documentation #6 (May 2015)

It has been an amazing month for the documentation: The Symfony 2.7 release came with lots of new features which had to be documented and there was a very active documentation hack day on May 23rd.

A month of Symfony Documentation #5 (April 2015)

This month, some existing article were reviewed and improved to be easier to understand and more focused. As the community best practices improve, so do the articles in the documentation!

Symfony Docs Hack Day Needs You on May 23rd

The next Symfony Documentation hack day is coming on Saturday, May 23rd! And no matter who you are, we want you to help us take the documentation to the next level.

A month of Symfony Documentation #4 (March 2015)

With Symfony 2.7 feature freeze at the end of this month, lots of documentation about new features were merged. Besides this, the doc team focussed on fixing some issues and following the best practices.

A month of Symfony Documentation #3 (February 2015)

After the record breaking January month, the documentation team took it a bit more easy this month, resulting in less new sections. Instead, lots of typos and other minor things were fixed or improved.

A month of Symfony Documentation #2 (January 2015)

This month, the Symfony documentation started preparing for Symfony 3.0, by removing the usage of deprecated features and documenting new features. Meanwhile, lots of minor fixes where merged into the documentation.

A month of Symfony Documentation #1 (December 2014)

This is the first blog post of a new monthly series reviewing the main changes introduced in the official Symfony Documentation during the last month.

Introducing the Official Symfony Best Practices

Fabien Potencier, the leader of the Symfony project, introduced today a new initiative called "The Official Symfony Best Practices", a list of 31 techniques and recommendations for professional Symfony development.

Improving REST in Symfony

Building APIs with Symfony is not new, we have plenty libraries and bundles to write powerful REST APIs. However, it is not always easy to find out an up-to-date documentation or the right tool to integrate with Symfony. That's why a new working group has been created!

Upgrading your Symfony Projects the easy Way

Learn more about how to easily upgrade your Symfony projects.