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CVE-2017-11365: Empty passwords validation issue

Affected versions

Symfony 2.7.30, 2.7.31, 2.8.23, 2.8.24, 3.2.10, 3.2.11, 3.3.3, and 3.3.4 versions of the Symfony Security component are affected by this security issue.

The issue has been fixed in Symfony 2.7.32, 2.8.25, 3.2.12, and 3.3.5.


When fixing issue 23319 with 23341, we inadvertently introduced a security issue.

After the "fix", validating a user password with a UserPassword constraint but with no NotBlank constraint would pass without any error as previously (the empty password would not be compared with the user password). You should always be explicit and add a NotBlank constraint, but as it worked before without, we considered it as a BC break and a security issue.


The fix re-adds the error message when submitting an empty password.

The patch for this issue is available here.

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Minor typo in your post: "NotBlack" should be "NotBlank" :)
I think you mean this is fixed in 2.8.25.

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