D-13 before SymfonyCon Warsaw 2013!

First, we have a slight change into the schedule. John Mertic’s talk about “Moving web development from server-side to client-side with Sidecar” has been canceled BUT we’re very pleased to welcome super Kris Wallsmith who will speak about “How Kris writes Symfony Apps”. For those who never saw any of Kris’ great talks, it’s your chance!

Also and this is very important news, we only have a couple of tickets left to attend the conference before sold out! We’re about to close the registration because I’m sure that those last tickets left will be gone very soon. If you’re not registered yet; you need to seriously register right away, before it’s too late!

If you are still thinking to attend the workshops, the good news is that we still have some tickets available for the following workshops: “Getting Started with Symfony2”, “Symfony2 Forms” and “Extending and Hacking Symfony2” (this one is almost sold out btw). The one about “Mastering Symfony2” is now sold out, it was very popular!

Take your chance to become a SensioLabs Symfony Certified developer at SymfonyCon Warsaw 2013! A special certification session will be held during the conference, on December 14th. After 2 days of workshops followed with 2 days of conference, you’ll be more than ready to take the exam! Register now!

As for the hacking day on December 14th, our 2 brand new organizers, Luis Cordova and Daniel Gomes, will soon announce more details about it. This year, we’d like to improve the organization of the hacking day and be able to help all of you on different topics. Thus, Luis and Daniel will be the persons to talk to regarding all the hacking day organization. Thanks for your help guys, we really appreciate your efforts!

Plus, as you may have noticed, we have 2 lightning talks sessions scheduled at SymfonyCon Warsaw 2013. So if you ever wanted to speak about Symfony or a related topic during a Symfony conference, this is your chance. Submit your lightning talk proposal at annesophie.bachelard[at]sensiolabs.com. But your talk shouldn’t last more than 7 minutes otherwise you’ll be gonged! Don’t be shy, we don’t gong that often :)

Remember also to vote for the Symfony Community and Business Awards. You have until December 6th to vote for them. The Symfony Business Awards are a unique opportunity for you to make your project known, submit your application now! And don’t forget to vote for the Symfony Community Awards, to reward the best Symfony Community members who support all the time the great Symfony Community in many different ways. To announce all the results of the Symfony Community and Business Awards, we’re organizing an Awards Ceremony at SymfonyCon Warsaw 2013! Get ready to walk on the red carpet ;)

Last but not least, it won’t be that cold in Warsaw I promise ;)

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I am really looking forward to attending this. I hope to see you all there.

Will there be SensioConnect badges awarded to attendees of this convention like in past SymfonyCon?
Great. Looking forward to it. A bit of Symfony and Polish site seeing as well :)

@Reece Fowel:
I don't see why wouldn't we get a badge for that conf as well, so probably yes :P
Reece, there wasn't ever a past SymfonyCon, you mean SymfonyLive, yes there will be badges i am almost certain
I've bought a ticket, but cannot visit Warsaw these days. Willing to gift it to someone if this is possible and allowed by organizers. Anyone want to a gift ticket to SymfonyCon Warsaw 2013? Please contact me.
I wish we had some Symfony events in the U.S.
C U in Warsaw...

Looking forward to meet some online friends :)
amazing someone giving away a ticket in the comments, you rock man!
This was a great event, thanks Anne-Sophie and all the organizers, good job!

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