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Delicious Preview built with symfony


If you are a reader of TechCrunch, Read/WriteWeb, or ZDNet you may already know that there is a preview of the next version of What you might not know is that the next version of Delicious is built with symfony. Of course, Yahoo! extended and modified symfony to fit their needs, but what's great is that they could actually do it, and that they will contribute their modifications back to the community in the form of plugins and bug fixes.

After the release of Yahoo! Bookmarks it is widely known that Yahoo! uses symfony. Why did Yahoo! choose symfony? According to Dustin Whittle, Technical Yahoo!, the major reasons symfony was chosen are:

  • Great documentation - In-Depth Online Book + API Documentation + Wiki
  • Active development - Consistent improvements in design: flexibility + speed
  • Active community - Large community with plenty of free support
  • Flexibility - Overall design + configuration system + plugins
  • Use of best-of-breed components rather than reinventing the wheel

The documentation was one of the most important reasons Yahoo! choose symfony. The symfony documentation comes in the form of a high quality book filled with real world examples and in-depth discussion of all aspects of symfony. It reaches a unique quality and coverage that is difficult to find in the Open-Source world.

We are very happy to announce that Yahoo! is launching another web 2.0 project with the symfony framework. We hope that it will convince more and more IT managers to discover and adopt symfony, which is definitely a professional framework adapted to high demand web 2.0 applications.

The news is so great that you can also read this post in French on the Sensio Labs new blog! Javier also made a Spanish translation.


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This is GREAT news. is one of my favorite webapps. Congratulations guys!
What changes do they make, do you know?

I'd be curious to see what they do - I'd presume they rip our Propel and dump in a whole lot of their own filtering stuff.. But that doesn't sound too far different from what's available to us (as developers) to do to symfony anyway.

So, extended and modified how?!
Great news! Tens of millions of people using Symfony applications!

This could be also a great "case study" for the most sceptical IT managers.

Go Symfony! ...and go!
That's a very good news indeed. Congratulations!
I'm sure it'll be even more simple for developers to convince managers and clients to adopt Symfony. This kind of news are very important outside the pure-technical area...
Good news!
With the technical performance and ability of this framework it was always just a matter of time. Adoptance in the php community will only go up and up.
Best news yet. I'm plying the Symfony angle here at my new job and the timing of this announcement is perfect! :-)

Well done guys.
Are they using Propel for their ORM?
They are not using propel, cause it doesn't scale to their needs.
Really great! Congratulations, Guys! :)
I've posted this to digg:
That's ROXXX!!!
Excellent! Another great use case for symfony.

Time for the business case application from SymfonyCamp to come into life?
@Paolo, all: any ideas what they are doing for the database engine and/or ORM? For those of us looking to overcome the speed issues of Propel, that'd be very interesting.
Congratulations, this is great news for Symfony and the community!
halfer: I have no idea.
very exiting news to hear :o)
this is awsome!!
Great news! Really excited to try it out. How does one get in on the preview?
Hey, dear "what ORM" guys.
I thin not all will click the link because the url points to a bloaty unsexy language, but this language has a name for for answering the question on how you can get performance:
You can sign up for the delicious preview here:

As for the ORM: we didn't use it as it is simply a choice between convenience and performance.
Dustin, how is Delicious managing database interactions? Any abstraction layer at all?
excellent work
As someone who does see stagflation lite on the horizon, perhaps even the near-term horizon, i would like to know why greenspan thinks it "doesn't" seem that we are entering a period of stagflation.

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