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Developing the Symfony Community

The Symfony Community

The Symfony project relies on volunteer efforts from many people around the world. As of today, more than 310 developers have contributed in one way or another to the Symfony2 code base. But that's just one example. There are many other ways you can contribute to the project: creating plugins or bundles, writing documentation, publishing blog posts, translating books, speaking at conferences, helping people on the mailing-lists, forum, or IRC, etc. And even the smallest contributions are very much appreciated... like wearing a Symfony t-shirt in the street!

I'm very grateful to everyone who contributes to the Symfony project but unfortunately, not all contributors are equal. The contributors who write code are the most well-known but how can we also reward all the other community members who dedicate some of their precious time to the Symfony project?

What about allowing each community member to build his own online profile? What about introducing some "gamification" strategies to reward community members who deserve it the most by awarding them some nice badges? That way, we will have a simple way to thank the community and each member will be able to use his online profile as a proof of his commitment and involvement in the community.

When I say "community", I'm not talking about just the Symfony community, but I'm talking about all the people that are part of a larger ecosystem that makes Symfony better. I'm talking about the ones who are contributing to third-party libraries that are heavily used by Symfony like Swiftmailer, Twig, Propel, Doctrine, Composer, Assetic, ...

The corner stone of such a system is a unique account where all information are gathered and aggregated. We already have such a system on but it is quite limited as it is only used for authentication.

Today, I'm happy to introduce you to SensioLabs Connect, a replacement for the current symfony-project account management system... but on steroids.

Besides authentication, SensioLabs Connect also comes with a built-in badge system. Each connected application is able to award badges based on some algorithms that are up to the application. The website is the first such application to benefit from the system. Comment on this post to see it in action and get your first badge!

Right now, the number of badges you can gather is quite limited, but we will add more in the coming weeks from serious ones to more fun ones... and yes, you will even get a badge if you send me a postcard! Don't forget to write your account username on the postcard.

Behind the scene, the system implements the OAuth 2 protocol ("the OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol enables a third-party application to obtain limited access to an HTTP service") which means that third-party applications will also be able to interact with the system and award their own badges.

The Symfony Community Awards

And there is more as I'm even more excited to announce the first edition of the Symfony Community Awards.

The Symfony Community Awards are a great way to offer recognition of work which, in the community opinion, significantly improves the Symfony project.

This year, we have opened seven categories:

  • Best blogger: The Symfony community member who best exemplifies support for the community through blogs.

  • Best support on mailing-lists: The Symfony community member who best helps people through the Symfony mailing-lists.

  • Best support on the forum: The Symfony community member who best helps people through the Symfony forum.

  • Best support on IRC: The Symfony community member who best helps people through the Symfony IRC channel.

  • Best evangelist: The Symfony community member who best exemplifies support for the community through conference presentations and connections with other communities.

  • Best contributor: The Symfony contributor who best exemplifies support for the community through code contributions and fixing bugs.

  • Personality of the year.

The award winners will be determined by the vote of the community. Each person will get to vote once per category from November 7, 2011 to December 24, 2011 on the dedicated website. The winners will be announced in January 2012.

Beside recognition of their work, winners will of course also win a nice badge that will be assigned to their SensioLabs Connect account.

Vote Now!

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Great news for the Symfony Community :)
Will past postcards count towards badges ? :)
Will past postcards count towards badges ? :)
Great :-) to get the symfony-day 2011 badge? :)
why don't use gravatar for image ?
Good luck to the admins, seems like it already has some success!!
Excellent, good stuff
Great idea to improve the community!
Love it! :)
Way to go!
Where is the developers docs for building an app on top of connect ? :)
Fucking awesome!!
Nice! But the "Save" button on the "Profile" page does not work in Opera 11.52 :-(
We need an API docs! :-)
Congrats Marc!
No gravatar support ? hmmm. :)
Will be any Gravatar support?
I want my pink badge!
I hear the servers crying
Nice work! Does that mean there is an OAuth 2.0 Bundle for SF2 somewhere?
At last ;)
Thanks Marc. Nice Job!
I see some bugs =)
Love it ! Well done and great news for the symfony world !
Great! :)
I think this is a great idea. Good work!
Considering I just launched another symfony-based site, I will have to send another postcard your way!
Sounds like a good idea!
Symfony improving in every possible way..
Well done Marc!
Very cool!
Great idea!
Big Up for Sensio !

Be careful, the confirmation e-mail was detected as spam by my Google Apps account (= Gmail).
Nice feature, gravatar support would be awesome.
Opera support!
Where is my badges ?
Great ideas again, and a great job!
Wow! Great news!!
I would love an gravatar support. Also I don't have any blog or facebook/linkedin account and I would like to make my profile marked as 100% complete without this.
Also you don't have validation on URLs in profile edit. ;-)
Great news
Gravatar and google+ support would rock
Didn't expect to see this launched so soon after Symfony Day Cologne. Awesome :)
Good stuff. Might've been good to allow other OAuth providers tho?
Great, this is inspiring.
Intéressant !
Excellent idea! I'm having some issues with the login system: 404's, not showing that I'm logged when I'm, it seemed I was logged as another user for a page load... can be these issues cached pages maybe?
And about the system I'm +1 on Gravatar support! Good job!
Is this the OAuth bundle used?
Congratulations! The community was crying for it ;)
Nice. Gravatar Support would have been even nicer :)
May we use Sensio/Symfony Connect as a Single-Sign-On service in the near future? Btw, great work :-)
Great stuff (as usual), though I never understood what is so cool with badges and WHY people should try to earn/win some. :)
@Tom Van Looy (#59): Revoking write access to Facebook was easy enough both during the initial prompt and after through FB's app settings. Unfortunately, Twitter doesn't allow removal of write perms after the fact.

If I had to guess, prompting for those permissions now will allow the option to push earned badges to FB/Twitter later on (like Foursquare).
I love badges!
done and done. Badge me :)
@Jeremy Mikola thanks, guess so too
Great idea :D
btw for some reason my country (Estonia) is displayed as Estoniadu in my profile
Wow, what a nice way to improve the community. Waiting for Symfony2Bundles adopt it in 3, 2, 1...
Nice idea... would be great to build up a nice community. :D

Gogogo \o/
Really nice :)
Congrats :)
Awesome but am I blind or there is no frontpage where we can view other people profiles?
You slyboots ;)
Nice :)
I like how Symfony Community is getting bigger!
Interesting experiment!
This is great! And i bet it will help the Symfony community grow even more.
Good job ! As Usual.
very smart
Nice :)
Symfony and the community rocks !!
Amazing stuff.
+1 for gravatar support
This post's gonna get shitload of comments! Will I get a badge for a postcard I already sent? ;)
Very cool!
Awesome, I'm a sucker for badges :)
Nice! Now what can I really do with this profile? :)
badge me!
Are there any api docs yet?
Interesting idea, will look forward to seeing how you use it going forward.
cool idea!
This just keeps getting better =)
I've done!
Interesting idea.
Wicked sweet. Wicked sweet.
Can't wait to contribute !
Excellent! I'm not a regular commenter or contributor but this is just the push I needed
Great idea.
Great job. Very clean and simple to use interface. Like.
Great initiative!
Yeah. I got 200% in my profile (:
Any plan to put SensioLab Connect on github as a couple of Symfony2 Bundles?
Very nice indeed!
I like the idea :)
It's will be very interesting to see gamification in action, especially with such awesome community as this.
Nice :)
Great stuff!

+1 for the gravatar support.

Would love to see SensioLab Connect on github ;)
must admit i am still a bit skeptical. but then again i never participated in any site that lets me collect badges.
That's awesome. Thanks!
I'm in
Cool :-D
Just to see how the comment badge looks like on my page ;-)
Where is can I see the list of badgets available once I've logged in?
Awesome news :)
Very nice initiative, definitely going to vote :-)
Good news!
What do you think about awarding badges not only for users, but for applications (build on Symfony) too?
That's great!

But all mail is marked as spam:

X-Spam-Status: Yes, score=7.177 tag=2 tag2=6.31 kill=6.31 tests=[BAYES_50=0.8, FH_HELO_EQ_D_D_D_D=3.177, HELO_DYNAMIC_IPADDR=1.951, RDNS_DYNAMIC=0.982, SPF_PASS=-0.001, TO_NO_BRKTS_DYNIP=0.268]
Give me some badge^^ And the postcard is on the way :D
Great news :)
Awesome initiative that will encourage people to give more to the community. :)

+1 for using Gravatar for the profile picture.
Good idea.
It'll be cool to can add Stackoverflow, bitbucket and more in the profile.
great ! I better keep working on :D

- cordoval
Thats great. I'm in.
Very nice :-)
Great stuff, now give me my badge :)
Neat !
thats really cool news.. looking forward to see what this will end up as.
Brilliant Idea to bring the community closer and actually leverage from efforts. Lovely!
Great news. I think that will bring the community closer together.
(my mail from * was marked as a spam too...)
Nice ;)
Great news!
Gravatar support would be nice though :-)
- Link to the symfonians profile
- Link to the symfony1 TRAC account

- My profile is 100% complete and I don't get the badge

Good idea ! :) Let's now see how it will serve the community. :)
Awesome! :-D
Will the OAuthProviderBundle be open-sourced soon ;) ?
What about "Best beer drinker" category? ;) Cool idea, really!
Great ! It gives me some ideas for my own web site.
Great News!
Something is wrong with the html of the badges page I think:
Great! I hope more and more features will be added to the Connect network...
This is excellent! Love the idea, and being a part of it all!
Hum... Interesting...
+1 for gravatar
+1 for nicknames
Cool idea.
Now we need gravatar and API ;)
wonderful idea.
Great news!
Nice... great idea!!! :D
Awesome! :-)
I like it!
Third badge ... checked.
Nice idea! Let's see how it'll work out.
PS: I got a 404 (the default symfony one, w/o having [email] etc. set) after hitting "connect" on this and "allow" on the following page.
Sounds really interesting. Seems to me that badges could be a neat way to motivate the "edge participants" of the community :)

I'd like a way to link my IRC username to my Connect username though :)
Nice site, but where on github are its sources? :-)
Great :)
Great Idea…

Hoping for some new interesting features…
cool, I like this stuff
I'd like to know why Sensio needs permission to public tweets through my account or to modify my profile as these is what Twitter says Sensios ask permission for.
Apart from that, excellent idea!!
Testing this new fabpot goodie :-)
Looking good, indeed! :-)
Nice news :)
Crafting a new badge... hey thanks ;)
Great. +1 Gravatar.
badge me :)
I look forward to a stronger Symfony community and a better Symfony as a result!
As long as our votes don't have to be justified, this will be interesting :)
Right way for community development! )
Oh, yes! How I can connect my site? Need some docs/api!
Nice Idea ;-)
Symfony t-shirts? Where? Wanna have!
Great news! Claiming my badge now..
A great initiative to reward the community.
Awesome ... I want my badge too

A badge for symfony live too ?
Nice. good idea!
Long life :)
This is great news. I'm hoping we'll be able to develop our own sites that can award badges as well (in moderation, of course) in the near future.
Finally, i got this working!
I thinks it's really awsome feature for the community!
Great !
Ooh! thats a great step :-)
Long live Symfony!
Really appreciate the effort that SensioLabs puts into Symfony and it's community.
I need to send a shitload of postcards to get that badge ;)
Very nice!
Great idea as always!
Great news. I'm sure this will be interesting.
Sounds great, thanks!
Slick. It's particularly cool to see an implementation of oAuth. Thanks for keeping the "best practices" I otherwise wouldn't've paid much attention to coming.
sounds cool, excited to participate in the community
Looks great, whats the next app to get connected? doctrine website?
Awesome - as usual :)
Shamelessly commenting just for the badge :)
Great news!
great news!
i just login now
I'm a noob!
What about badges for our presence on the live events ? ;p
This is going to get pretty interesting when more apps integrate with the badge system
Wow! What a great idea! It's like GetGlue on Symfony steriods... Nice :)
Nice :)
symfony and his the comunity are the best
*sends postcard*
Great news for the Symfony Community :)
Very nice..

Will point out one bug. When returning to the website after logging in will return a 404. When doing it a second time it will all work nicely.

Had this occur on two machines (both Chrome).
Very nice indeed !
Finally I managed to log in. Really nice, thx for this! :)
By the way: in this blog post you say about the community awards "Each person will get to vote ONCE per category..." and on the awards page itself it's "You will get to vote TWICE per category..." ;)
I'm here
Interesting idea, I hope it encourages more engagement from those on the fringe of the Symfony community.
Good news!
I loooooooove badges ;-)
A little bug... I've got three 100% badgets!! The system added a 100% badget on every save of the profile.
This is great!
Great :D
well done!
Great news, go for it Sensio :)
I'm so excited for this
I am very proud to have chosen symfony!
This is an excellent and welcome addition to the PHP and Symfony community. Thanks for doing this.
Nice :)

just wonder - are you going to replace as well? Or link it with connect? :)
Great idea, let's hope it's gonna strengthen the community !
Is there a public list of badges?
a badge for a comment? sounds fair.

good work :)
So, if I comment here, I get a badge? Let's see...
Sweet :)
Great ;-)
Wow I'm so out of date
That would be great if there was a contributor badge

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