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Discontinuing the Symfony Community Translations

A few days ago, we updated the documentation section on to remove the French and Italian community translations. From now on, on this website you will only find the original English documentation.

The main reason behind this decision is that when developers browse the documentation published on, they must be sure that the contents are always the right ones. In the case of a translation, this means that all its contents in all branches must always be perfectly synced with the original English version.

Given the frenzy activity on the symfony-docs repository, it's no longer possible to keep the translations perfectly synced. For instance, during the past month, 50 people pushed 43 commits changing 2,000 lines of contents in 139 different files. And that was just for the 2.8 branch. In total there were 173 commits on 2.3, 2.7, 2.8 and master branches.

If you still want to read the translated documentation, you can visit these new websites:

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Thanks for linking our translation, Javier.
Yes, makes sense actually. It is a lot of unneeded and hard work. We should focus on English one only.
Great news, most of the documentations are in english. Thanks to Grégory and Massimiliano for their work to maintain their version.
Yes, let's go to standard language. Let other people maintain for those who wants to retain the translation.
SPAM detected ;)
@Thiago the spam comment has been removed. Thanks for the heads up!

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