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Do you use Debian or Ubuntu?

As the symfony community grows, people want easy ways to install the framework. We already have a lot of ways to install symfony: a PEAR package, a sandbox archive and subversion tags and branches.

But people ask for more. As creating specialized packages takes a lot of time, we've been working on them since the symfony 1.0 stable release.

The first package is for Debian/Ubuntu users. Thanks to the great work of Grégoire Hubert, a project manager at Sensio Labs, all Debian/Ubuntu users can now install symfony like any other Debian package.

If you use dpkg, just type the following command line:

dpkg -i php5-symfony_1.0.2-1_all.deb

When symfony is installed, don't forget to try a simple man symfony.

We are also looking for people willing to contribute packages for other Linux distributions like Suse, Fedora or CentOS. If you are a Windows users, why not create a WAMP add-on for symfony?

If you want to help, just drop us a line on the symfony devs mailing list.

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


wow. this is great news. do you plan setting up a apt repository ?

(et bravo grégoire !)
Hey Tristan :o)

The package has been submitted to Ubuntu, Debian and is planned to be available on dotdeb very soon.
Although I still would prefer pear or svn install I think that it's a nice addition to the framework.
Wondering if the deb package would translate nicely with alien to rpm for use with, let's say redhat/fedora or suse.

Will do some tests over weekend.
Yes we do! It's great!
This is great!

This will be another good option to install symfony and will increase the framework popularity!
Good, am using ubuntu as my dev machine, but still think PEAR is better way...
I would love to see a CentOS package! A lot of web hosts use CentOS, and a package for it would provide an easy installation path for many.
I second the request for CentOS -- I only have to install once on my MacOS development machine, but many times on CentOS boxes. Thanks for all the good work!
thank you ~~
As ubuntu user, I say GREAT!!!
But I'll countinue using PEAR for a while ... ;)
packages for openSUSE will feature soon and will be available on the server:php:applications repository[1]

Greg..i have installed in debian..i don't know how to start/use it me by providing any material
@sree: Installing symfony with a Ddebian package is no different from other symfony installation methods.

When installed, you can use the symfony command line to start a new project. And type man symfony to have more information about the command line options.
Good news and good job...


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