Documentation: Some nice improvements

A month ago, I've talked about some great enhancements we made for the documentation section of the Symfony website. Today, I'm really happy to announce that we have made some nice improvements again.

First, and probably one of the most requested feature for the Symfony website, the documentation is now available as downloadable PDFs; you can download gorgeous PDFs for all Symfony versions and for all available languages (and yes, providing epub files is the next step).

You can even download one big all-in-one PDF with everything included; more than 700 pages of Symfony goodness!

The second improvement was needed as Symfony 2.1 is now right around the corner. On each documentation page, there is a switch button that allows you to change the Symfony version and the language of the current piece of documentation.


Excellent! Do you think to sell a paper copy of this book?
Wow, looks great! This is going to be super helpful with 2.1 around the corner.
That is great news indeed! I have been waiting for this.
As requested on Twitter, I've just rolled out a new version where code examples are highlighted in the PDFs as well!
This is just amazingly good! Thanks Fabien for this feature.
Unfortunately, the recent move of Italian documentation URL broke the images again.
Also, since we spread the old link, could be possible to get a 301 redirectiono from old one to new one?
@Massimiliano both are fixed now.
That is very usefull feature. Thank you.
Great news! Printed stuff is still the best for a day at the beach. No need to worry about a hardware device ;-) Thank you!

There is a problem with example code formatting in PDF version. Example code should be wordwrapped.

Best regards,
That's really great. I'd like to take the documentation "offline" with me.

But what I would like even more is the ability to comment on the documentation (as here in this blog).
This would help to clarify some examples, improve the quality and correct errors faster.

THAT would be a feature I'd really like to see!
Commenting sistem regarding documentation can be done over github with issues. I think this is better.
This was what I was waiting for! Thanks! But please see page 269 of the all-in-one, I think there's a bug, the PREs are cut off....
Not so nice PDFs at the moment but it's a good start...
Ouch, last generation failed because of a CSS issue. Re-download them now, the code wrapping is fixed and they are much more beautiful.
Great docs, although I did notice that every single chapter in the all-in-one PDF is called "Chapter 1".
I also think there should be comments. Works great on
Nobody goes to github for those.
Neat, thanks a lot !
looking forward to seeing what kind of updates have been made
That's the great news for Symfony developers.
Excellent news !!!! Thanks ! I could read documentation on my Kindle now :)
Looks great! The only problem I find now is that everything is 'chapter 1'.
thank you!

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