Each symfony release has now its very own book

As you probably know, whenever we add a new feature to symfony, we try to update the symfony book as soon as possible. So, the book is 'always' up to date with the trunk. That's great if, like me, you work on the latest trunk.

But if you work with the latest stable release, or if you still have a project that runs on the 0.4 branch, you are out of luck... until now.

You can now browse the symfony book for every symfony stable release.

So, if you work with the latest symfony trunk, browse the "trunk" book. If you work with the 0.6.3 stable release, read the "0.6.3" book.

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congrats. Doc is one of the best parts of symfony and it keeps getting better !
indeed, very good job, no more looking for the documentation that handles your specific version...thanks !
I concur, it is a very welcomed idea. However, as indicated in the forum (http://www.symfony-project.com/forum/index.php/m/9830/#msg_9830) some documentation links are now broken...

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