Extended maintenance for Symfony 2.4

Symfony 2.4 end of maintenance was reached at the end of July. But as migrating to Symfony 2.5 proved to be difficult because of some bugs, we decided to extend the maintenance until September 2014. So, expect a new release of Symfony 2.4 at the end of August and probably a last one at the end of September. After that, Symfony 2.4 will still receive security issue fixes until January 2015.

Symfony 2.5.3 is going to be released later today and it should fix all problems with the migration from 2.4. If not, please open a ticket and explain the problem so that we can work on a fix as soon as possible.

Thanks for your support.

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What kind of migration problems were encountered?
@Loic I think they're mostly related to the form framework changes
@Jakub the changes are in the Validator component, not in Form.
@Jakub & @Stof : thanks :)
Thank you Fabien & SensioLabs for this decision.
Being stofed in a comment. Achievement unlocked ;)
Will you change roadmap and releases documentation?
THX ;)

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