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Finding a new home for IvoryCKEditorBundle

IvoryCKEditorBundle is a popular Symfony bundle (more than 2 million downloads) that integrates the ubiquitous CKEditor WYSIWYG editor in Symfony applications and it's also used in projects like Sonata and Symfony CMF. Eric Geloen, the original bundle author, can no longer maintain it so he made a public announcement to get new maintainers.

Sadly nobody volunteered to maintain the bundle, so it was going to be abandoned. However, a few days ago Marko Kunic and Maximilian Berghoff finally volunteered and adopted the bundle under the Friends Of Symfony organization.

The migration to the new bundle is simple and it's explained in the new migration guide. You just need to update the package name in your composer.json to friendsofsymfony/ckeditor-bundle and then update some PHP namespaces and the bundle config file.

The first version of the new bundle is focused on providing full compatibility with the old bundle and Symfony 4 support. The next version will include new features (maybe even support for CKEditor 5), lots of improvements and simplifications. You can help the new maintainers reporting issues or contributing pull requests and you can ask for help in the #ckeditor channel of the Symfony Slack chat.

More information: Ivory Becomes FOS Now – CKEditor Bundle for Symfony

Help the Symfony project!

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If somebody got questions/hints today, just grab me at SymfonyLive in Phantasialand (theme park in Germany). I do have more hairs in my face, then on my avatar. (just to recognize me)
Thks a lot Marko and Maximilian !

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