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How caching can speed up your application

The cache system is being optimized and refactored. It is not completely finished yet, but our tests are encouraging. We measured the time necessary to render the weblog post list with the latest alpha, using various cache settings. It is a good example of a page with some database queries. Here is a glimpse of the average results:

  • Without cache: 113ms
  • With action cache: 32ms
  • With page cache: 14ms
  • With the sfSuperCachePlugin: 1.2ms

On our test server (not as fast as a production server), an empty "Hello, world!" page takes about 12ms to render.

Not all pages can be put in cache, of course, but removing the load of these pages from the server gives it more CPU to deal with the others.

And, regardless of any cache, the latest alpha is between 30% and 300% faster than the 0.6.3, depending on the complexity of your application. We'll publish some more metrics as soon as it is stable enough.


Yes, I see Symfony become dramatically faster from 0.6 to 0.7 to 0.9. A page which dynamically generates 117 DB queries right used to have a load of 1900ms to render (ok, with webdebug, xdebug and no apc). Now, it only takes 400ms. I think without xdebug, with apc and some caching the load will go under 100ms ;-)
This is really promising. I look forward to this alpha version moving to beta, so we can start testing it!
I have had no problems with upgrading my application from 0.6 to 0.7 to 0.9 - everything runs smooth.
Pierre, are you running alpha on a production site? At the time of writing, Fabien suggests that this ought not yet be deployed, presumably until it reaches at least beta quality - though if you are getting good results, I am sure people would be interested in how you've got on. See http://www.symfony-project.com/forum/index.php/t/2759/.
halfer: no, not on a production site. but on the production code, on production circumstances. and everything runs well (up to 0.9.2016 - 2036 seems to have a silly bug in the sfView class)

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