Install symfony in ten seconds

The symfony sandbox is a ready-to-go version of symfony, that works instantly once unpacked into your web root folder. You can start to experiment with symfony in ten seconds, without any PEAR installation or web server configuration.

How is it possible?

The sandbox is an empty symfony project where all the required libraries (symfony, pake, creole, propel and phing) are already included, and where the basic configuration is already done. You can add modules to the default 'frontend' application, or create an application of your own. This symfony package has all the features of the standard version, and it is even shipped with the command line tool.

Who is it for?

The sandbox is made for symfony beginners, who never installed it before, and who want to play with it or try the tutorials by skipping the installation section.

It is compatible with Windows and *nix platforms, and needs only PHP5 and a web server to run.

If you already have a version of symfony installed, you probably won't want to use the sandbox, as it is not upgradeable. If you want to start a real symfony application, we advise you to use the PEAR version instead, which can be changed and upgraded independantly of your project.

Which version of symfony is it?

The current sandbox contains a 0.6 alpha version of the symfony framework. It means that it contains features that are not documented yet, and others for which the documentation is not up to date.

It also means that the stability of the application is not guaranteed, but it is definitely enough for you to experiment with symfony.

Where do I sign?

Now that trying symfony has never been easier, you can't miss it anymore. Download the sandbox (it's a simple .tgz archive), read the included readme file, and enjoy the ease of use of the symfony framework.

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


I unzipped it as instructed, but I get the message

[exception] sfConfigurationException [message] Module directory "/home/amathur/public_html/sf_sandbox/apps/frontend/modules" does not exist or is not readable [code] N/A [class] sfConfigCache [file] /home/amathur/public_html/sf_sandbox/lib/symfony/config/sfConfigCache.class.php [line] 282 [symfony] v. @[email protected] ( [PHP] v. 5.1.1 [stack trace] at sfConfigCache::loadConfigHandlers() in [/home/amathur/public_html/sf_sandbox/lib/symfony/config/sfConfigCache.class.php:58] at sfConfigCache::callHandler() in [/home/amathur/public_html/sf_sandbox/lib/symfony/config/sfConfigCache.class.php:157] at checkConfig() in [/home/amathur/public_html/sf_sandbox/lib/symfony/symfony.php:49] at require_once() in [/home/amathur/public_html/sf_sandbox/apps/frontend/config/config.php:84] at require_once() in [/home/amathur/public_html/sf_sandbox/web/frontend_dev.php:8]

Do I need to install some modules ?
and the ./ -T fails saying

: bad interpreter: No such file or directory
ashish: Thanks for asking your question in the forum. It will soon be deleted from this page.
I've just got the same error of ashish, and I solved it by just creating that missing folder. I've already had to load mod_rewrite, to set to "Off" magic_quotes_gpc and restart Apache. I'm sorry but I couldn't find this discussion in the forum, so I answrered here. Feel free to delete my post at any time. :-)

Greetings, Antinoo
thank you for your work
Great job guys...

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