Introducing Clubs in SensioLabs Connect

Hi there. For those who don't know me, I work for SensioLabs France and I'm in charge of SensioLabs Connect. No, I'm not corruptible and I can't award you badges.

SensioLabs Connect has been growing at a steady pace and today, we are proud to introduce some really great features.

First, we extended the public JSON API to the badges. We also added Cross-Origin Resource Sharing support which makes cross-origin AJAX possible. You can preview that with the oh-so-rare 6 years badges that have been introduced lately. Currently, only four persons have this one!

Speaking of badges, you now have the possibility to redeem code to earn badges. The principle is really simple. For special events, we will issue unique codes and we will distribute them. Once you have one, you can log in and redeem it instantly. The first lucky ones who will be able to use this feature are the attendees of the previous symfony days in Cologne.

These are rather cool features, but let's focus on what's bringing me here.

Since the launch of this project, a lot of people have been asking for company profiles. We went a little further as we added the possibility for each member to create his own club.

A club is composed of people who share a common interest. It may be your company, your school, or the people with whom you work on Symfony bundles. It doesn't really matter as long as a few of you can share the fun. Thanks to clubs, your company or group will be able to publicly show its involvement in the community as the club profile page displays the cumulated badges of its members.

There is also a public JSON API for this. As always, add .json at the end of the club public URL.

Clubs represent the very first step towards some more exciting features - not necessarily bounded to the social network - that are yet to come. Stay tuned.

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


It's the place to be for symfony dev ! :-)
Great job Marc.
Is there a way to search for clubs? I could only find functionality to create clubs, but I'm missing a list view :(
really good job
Hi Marc,

As usual, you're doing a very good job with Sensio Connect. It's a shame we didn't meet last week at the PHP Tour, maybe you could have been corrupted, whatever you say :-)

What is the duration of the cache ? The page of the club "Clever Age" desperately remains empty, even though I have added some things to it...

One more things: will Symfony Live speakers get a special badge, or at least an "attendee" one?
A way to browse and/or search for clubs would be rather convenient indeed.
There's no way (for now) to search for clubs. We will provide those kind of features really soon.

@Xavier: Thanks! There is no cache on this page. People have to "publicize" their membeships in order to appear on the club page. Speakers will soon get their badges too. You'll have to wait a bit ;)
@Marc: Thanks, I just found how to do it. No cache, so the perfect page for running a benchmark? ;-)
nice feature updates...
also, is there a way to remove the noob badge, lol
Great! And it would be nice to be able to use markdown or some for the club description, now it's all in a row taking the full width, not very sexy :)
Great job!
A way to search/join (public private clubs?) would be nice, though
Great, can't wait to create my club :)
That is a great Idea.
A club list and a join button for the clubs would be greater !
Great! I have just signed to deSymfony club!!
Will clubs be able to create their own badges? That would be very handy to promote interaction.
We just sent mails including SensioLabs Connect badge codes to all symfony day cologne atendees. Check your inbox!
You're doing a really good job with this Connect platform. Keep it up!

But why use the .json file ending hack and not a proper Accept header?
At first I hesitated to join, thinking "I'm not going to engage in useless virility competitions". But I'm more and more intrigued by this community.

List of clubs desperately needed! I want to join more clubs. Plus: How can one get "x year" badges? Does a Trac account on count for example?

And will I get a badge for participating in sfugcgn, Freerich? :-)
It would be cool if clubs could award their own badges to members :9
Nice job!
LOL, I am in excellent company :-DD
Nice feature, though as others have said, it's really weird not being able to browse clubs. There's probably hundreds of duplicate clubs as a result, which seems a bit messy. Oh well. Totally agree with clubs having and awarding badges.

Who do I talk to about getting my 5-year badge? :)
Excellent idea!. I've created the Club for the whole community of developers in Argentina!
Great! A perfect place to symfony developers
There is a mistake, I count five persons :P
@Freerich Bäthge: My badge for Symfony Day Cologne is missing. Whom do I have to ask for?

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