Introducing the symfony + Doctrine Book

Only a few days into December the holiday spirit has been high after the release of symfony 1.2 and introduction of jobeet, the 24 hour tutorial that teaches you symfony 1.2 step by step.

On this day we want to give you another great present, the symfony + Doctrine Book which documents the specific functions of the integration between symfony and Doctrine as well as some commonly used Doctrine functionality. This book includes seven chapters which are listed below.

We have also published a few tutorials in the past that are available in the cookbook.

If you have any feedback or comments you can send them to me via e-mail at jonwage [at]



This is truly incredible.

Thanks a million!
When will you stop !? Sssssssplendid !
Nice job Jon!
Excellent work! Thanks!
most excellent
Thanks for the great job.

great :)
So looking forward to using Doctrine - fantastic!
Wow, I'm very happy to see this released on such short notice when sf1.2 was just released itself. This will give us a great head start! Thx from the Netherlands! :)
Maaaaaaaany thanks from Germany! What another great piece! I hope jobeet uses doctrine too - lets wait and see. What a December so far!
Is the book complete? If so, will future iterations include a section on caching?

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