It is getting near: Some Symfony Live information

Only a few more days until all eyes in the symfony world will be aimed at Paris for the Symfony Live conference. Since it is getting this close, we would like to share some interesting numbers with you about this event.

The Conference

With more than 250 attendees, this is the biggest symfony conference worldwide. And speaking about worldwide, the attendees are coming from all over the world. We have attendees from over 30 countries making their way to Paris.

These people attend the 2 main conference days which contain 20 sessions. But some of them arrive a day earlier for the pre-conference training day with a selection of 5 different trainings. Some also stay a day longer for the 4th day, during which Scott Chacon of Github will deliver a Git training.

Number 2

Symfony Live will also have a very special number: 2. Everyone should be aware what this number is for already: During the conference you will be able to see a very nice preview of Symfony 2.

The Social Events

And there is more than just the official conference and trainings. There is a total of 4 social events. It starts on sunday afternoon with the symfony users photowalk. On Monday night it is time for a beer, wine or other refreshment and some nice chatting during the sfPot. Tuesday night it is time for the speakers dinner and on wednesday night after the conference is over, everyone (also people who don't attend the conference) are welcome to join the GitHub Meetup for a short talk by Scott Chacon, drinks and finger food. As you can see, there is absolutely no reason during Symfony Live and the surrounding days to be bored!

The Sponsors

Where would any conference be without sponsors? Symfony Live has 8 sponsors, being Microsoft, ServerGrove, Acilia, Elao, Ideato, Nexen, Yahoo and Eyrolles.

And There Is More

If you haven't had enough after attending Symfony Live and its various social events, and you happen to be in London for the PHP UK Conference, then you might be interested to know that Boxlight Media is organizing an unofficial Symfony Live After Party in London on the night before the PHP UK Conference. So if you're in the London area, be sure to visit the Sway Bar on February 25th.

See You In Paris!

We hope you are as excited as we are about Symfony Live, and are looking forward to seeing you in Paris!

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Is there an event coming to the Netherlands anytime soon? (funding prevented me from coming to Paris)
It would be nice to see everybody on the event.

Where can I get more details on the social events? The 'upcoming' site doesn't give a lot of information unfortunately.

Where can I see the social events in advance? I have not seen any information about it on Google groups or in the blog.

@Andrey: The Monday night social at least has a Facebook group:
Marc: Yes, keep your eyes out for word on this year's edition of SymfonyCamp in Leusden.
Andrey: The sunday photowalk is simply a matter of meeting up at the specified hotel. The monday meetup has a facebook group, as mentioned by Russ. The Github meetup will most probably be clearly announced during the conference.
All the details for the GitHub meetup are here:
See you all there! :-)
For those who could not participate I will write a post on my blog for each day (in German though..).
First day is already online at

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