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Jobeet: Design contest winner

If you read Jobeet, the symfony 1.2 advent calendar, you know that we organized a design contest on the 21st day. The goal was to choose the default design used for the Jobeet tutorial and people had to vote for the best submitted design.

I am very happy to announce that the winner is centre{source}.

centre{source} is a full-service interactive firm assisting organizations that view the web as a strategic asset. They provide their clients four essential services: strategy, planning, execution, and on-going management.

Thumbnail centre{source}

If you haven't read Jobeet yet, have a look at the main pages design:

In the coming days, we will work on the integration of the centre{source} design into Jobeet.

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I am disappointed at that choice...
Come on Kiril, be a good sport! It's a nice design (and to be honest I don't remember which one I voted for). Congratulations to centresource for their win.

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