More symfony trainings in more countries

Until now, Sensio Labs was the only company to offer official trainings for symfony and Doctrine. We organize three to four workshops per month, mainly in France. As I receive lots of emails about organizing symfony workshops abroad, I would like to explain our strategy and how you can help us organize a training in your country.

First, we have recently launched a training partner program. And I'm very proud to announce that our first certified training partner is Solution Set in the USA.

The next workshop is coming up October 14-16, 2009, in downtown San Francisco. The workshop is the same one delivered by Sensio Labs, by a certified symfony trainer.

And what if you want to participate to a symfony training in your city? Sensio Labs train people all over the world in English or French. If your are a company and want an in-house training, contact Nicolas Blin (nicolas.blin [at] If you are a freelance or a small company, find 7-8 people, and contact Nicolas to organize a workshop in your country.


Damn... so jealows :D

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