New Core Team Member, in charge of the Recipes

During my keynote at SymfonyCon Cluj, I talked about several new initiatives to help grow the Symfony ecosystem. One of them was about Symfony recipes. Having great recipes is key to the success of Symfony 4. And managing official and contrib recipes takes time. Even if a bot does the ground work, manual reviewing of all pull requests ensures that new recipes are consistent with existing ones and that the best possible default configuration is defined.

I've been doing a lot of such reviews to get the ball rolling, but Tobias Nyholm started to help a lot.

Tobias is already quite involved in the Symfony community. He spoke at various Symfony conferences, but more importantly, he is one of the voices behind the Sound of Symfony podcast. Tobias is also maintainer of a many important PHP projects/libraries such as Guzzle, PHP-cache, or HTTPlug.

I'm very happy to welcome Tobias as a new Symfony core team member. He will be responsible for managing the Symfony recipes repositories. He now has full power.

Please, join me in welcoming Tobias in his new role... and send him some pull requests for your favorite bundle!

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Welcome Tobias! In addition to everything that Fabien said, we also appreciate a lot your work and ideas on the Translation component. Can't wait to see what you can do with it after Symfony 4 releases. Thanks!
Congratulations Tobias! Appreciate the hard work you do.
Congratulations Tobias! See you soon
Congratulations. You're great men)
Congratulations Tobias!
Congratulations Tobias!
Congrats Tobias!
Congrats man!
Congrats Tobias!
Btw. nice talk on the SymfonyCon (=

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