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New doc added: Javascript and AJAX helpers

JavaScript helpers are already present in our tutorials (did you read the shopping cart tutorial and askeet day 8?), but the book didn't contain any detailed documentation about it yet. All those who had to dig into the source code to understand how the link_to_remote(), observe_field() or visual_effect() helpers work will probably be pleased to hear that a new chapter has just been added to the book.

The JavaScript helpers chapter will show you how to manage JavaScripts in your symfony templates, from the simple alert("foobar") to the more complex AJAX interactions.

Make sure you check it out before starting your new Web 2.0 application!

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Great guys, keep 'em coming. It wasn't much fun decoding Ruby from the source:-).
Great addition to the documentation, thanks for this.
Great doc, but I think there shouldn't be <? ?> and <?php ?> tags combined, or even worse <?= ?>
We have to mantain coding standards, mainly in the documentation!
David: You're right. It is corrected in the trunk, and the online doc will soon be update to reflect the change.

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