New features for our Symfony conference websites

Lastly, we've announced our upcoming Online SymfonyTour for the first semester of 2021. We are pleased to organize 5 online conferences at the first semester of 2021. Among the 5 conferences, we have 4 online conferences dedicated to local Symfony communities.

Therefore, we are now pleased to have conference websites entirely translated into the language of the conference you'll attend. Meaning that now, the SymfonyLive Online France website is translated into French and the SymfonyLive Online Spain website into Spanish. We aim to have soon the conference websites entirely translated into Polish for SymfonyLive Online Poland and into German for SymfonyLive Online Germany. So it would be easy to know in which language the conference will be organized, as the conference website will be already in the language of the conference you'll attend. The SymfonyWorld Online 2021 website is already in English as this conference is entirely in English.

Another great feature, the "Price Ticket Schedule" is now more clear and prominent, so you know when ticket prices are going up. It is easier for you to know when each category of price will end so you won't miss out our exclusive early bird registration for each conference. You have the entire calendar at your disposal on each registration webpage of each conference website.

New but it will only be for physical events, you can now generate yourself an "Invitation Letter" in case you need it when applying for a visa to travel. It's available in your SymfonyLive account, in the "Invitation Letter" section. It's super easy for you to download in case you need a fast Invitation Letter to join us at a physical conference!

Invitation Letter

Very useful and important feature, you will now receive a "Shipping Notification" when you ordered some conference swag. You will get an email with the tracking number of the package that contains the swag you purchased for some conference. There's nothing to do on your side, you will receive them automatically with all the useful information to track your package on your own.

Last but not least, you can now download a "Certificate of Attendance" for the conferences and workshops you attended. As for the "Invitation Letter", you'll find the "Certificate of Attendance" in your SymfonyLive account. Many community members needed them so now you'll have them directly from your account. No need to wait for us to receive it!

Certificate Of Attendance

We aim to give you the smoothest attendee conference experience! Enjoy our new features, more are coming! See you soon online at a Symfony conference, check our calendar and book your Early Bird tickets. Early bird registration for SymfonyLive Online Poland, France, Germany and Spain ends on January 18th 2021. Early bird registration for SymfonyWorld Online 2021 ends on February 8th 2021.

Join us online at the first semester of 2021 or in physical at the end of 2021 at SymfonyCon Disneyland Paris 2021, December 2-3. Early Bird registration is open too!

See you soon!

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