New in Symfony 2.2: Payment related validators

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Contributed by
Tim Nagel
in #4734 and #5072.

If you are developing an e-commerce solution based on Symfony2, you might want to validate a credit card number before sending it to your payment gateway. Doing so is very simple in Symfony 2.2 thanks to the Luhn algorithm and its implementation as a validator:

// src/Acme/SubscriptionBundle/Entity/Transaction.php

use Symfony\Component\Validator\Constraints as Assert;

class Transaction
     * @Assert\Luhn(message = "Please check your credit card number.")
    protected $cardNumber;

You can also check the card scheme thanks to Symfony\Component\Validator\Constraints\CardSchemeValidator.

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that is great
Wow! It's awesome!
Great job! Financial validators was most buggy place when somebody wrote it in project!
Cool. I was using for this.
BTW, it would be nice to notify translators to provide translation for this new message in as many languages as possible.
It's not a Luhn validator, This validator is a number check, php implementation of Luhn algorithm can be found here
good job
@Francis it is the real luhn algorithm, check :
Wow, I'm loving these 'New in SF2' articles - nice way to communicate the changes without me looking for new features in change logs etc.
User may need multi language here.
@Pascal that'll teach me to read the articles too fast, thank you for providing the link
Thumbs up!

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