New in Symfony 2.3: DomCrawler enhancements

Today, I'm really happy to resume my Living on the edge series of articles about new features in Symfony. For the first post about Symfony 2.3, I like to start with some interesting features added to the DomCrawler component.

Schema-relative URLs

Contributed by
Jean-François Simon
in #7179.

In our quest to implement HTTP/Web standards, the Routing component introduced support for new URL generation options in 2.2 with schema-relative and path-relative URLs.

As of Symfony 2.3, we now also have support for schema-relative URLs in the DomCrawler component.

HTML5 forms

Contributed by
Robert Kiss
in #7500.

Speaking of standards, the DomCrawler component now supports HTML5 forms. As you might know, there is a new form attribute in HTML5 used to associate an orphaned input field with a form on the same page via the form id attribute. They are now supported by DomCrawler natively when submitting a form.

Stay tuned for more Symfony 2.3 new features!

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