New in Symfony 2.4: A more powerful image validator

Contributed by
Luciano Mammino
in #8490.

When using a file upload input on an HTML page to allow images to be uploaded, you should use the Image constraint instead of the more generic File one. Besides restricting the allowed mime-types, it exposes additional options specific to images like validating the image height or their width.

And as of Symfony 2.4, you can also validate the image aspect ratio (defined as width / height) and selectively allow square, landscape, and portrait image orientations with the new maxRatio, minRatio, allowSquare, allowLandscape, and allowPortrait options.

Read the Image constraint documentation page for more information.

New in Symfony 2.4: A more powerful image validator

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Great !!
Very useful addition as a core feature.
Nice feature :)
+1 for this change :)
nice addition to core
Cool !!
So happy this feature has been appreciated :)
Very nice!

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