New in Symfony 2.4: Great Form Panel in the Web Profiler

As of Symfony 2.4, the web profiler gives you plenty of useful information about the forms contained in the current page; that should help you debug forms much faster than before.

And because a picture is worth a thousand of words:


Thats so nice.. great work.
Wow, awesome!
"And because a picture is worth a thousand of words:"

Translation : "And because we wrote an entire article that magically disappeared and there is no backup of this article, let's put a picture to explain the new tab".

;-) Great enhancement otherwise.
Nice !!
This will include informations about form errors? If so, it's great.
very nice! :)
congrat, nice and useful feature. thanks!
I find it as very useful, nice :)
Playing around with it in BETA2 right now. It's nice, but it doesn't seem to indicate exactly which fields are failing validation? Would be really nice to have this if possible. Tracking down field validation problems is probably one of the must frustrating aspects of developing in Symfony.
@Evan: I hope that we'll add that feature soon! :)
wow-wow, very nice!
Can't wait for the stable 2.4 mostly for this feature!

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