New in Symfony 2.4: Quicker Access to the Profiler when working on an API

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Contributed by
Adrien Brault
in #9342.

In the development environment, the profiler, the web profiler, and the web debug toolbar are enabled by default. But when working on an API, you spend more time in the console introspecting the HTTP responses as plain text than in a browser. In that case, getting the profile URL associated with the current request/response message is a bit cumbersome; the X-Debug-Token header gives you the profiler unique identifier, but it's then up to you to open a browser and remember the hostname and the path to the Symfony profiler.

As of Symfony 2.4, the profile full URL is available in the X-Debug-Token-Link header. No big deal, but it makes things as easy as they should be.

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New in Symfony 2.4: Quicker Access to the Profiler when working on an API

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Not that much, but that's what I like in Symfony2: ease of debugging, via some simple tools. Congrats to Adrien!
Great news.

It will be easier to solve issues about Profile Url on Symfony2 shortcut chrome extension

Congrats too
Simple but really useful addition!
hmm, use of the X- prefix is deprecated ... ;)
A very good idea! Thanks Adrien :)

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