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New in Symfony 2.6: AJAX requests in the web debug toolbar

Warning: This post is about an unsupported Symfony version. Some of this information may be out of date. Read the most recent Symfony Docs.

The Web Debug Toolbar has been the best friend of Symfony Developers for more than nine years. In the old days of Symfony 1.x, the bar was displayed by default at the top of the page and looked like this:

symfony1 web debug toolbar

Nowadays the debug toolbar provides much more information and integrates smoothly with the Symfony profiler. In Symfony 2.6, the toolbar will include a new panel called AJAX to boost your productivity while debugging applications:

Symfony 2.6 toolbar

This panel shows the number of AJAX requests performed in the page being displayed. Whenever a new request is performed, the counter blinks and the total number of requests is increased.

Moreover, if you pass your mouse over the panel, you'll get access to the information of each request and a direct link to its profiling. All this information will be updated in real-time:

Symfony 2.6 AJAX toolbar

By default, the AJAX panel won't show the requests performed internally by Symfony, such as the one needed to display the web debug toolbar itself. In case you need to exclude more requests, configure the new excluded_ajax_paths option:

# app/config/config.yml
    toolbar:              false
    position:             bottom
    intercept_redirects:  false
    excluded_ajax_paths:  ^/bundles|^/_wdt
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New in Symfony 2.6: AJAX requests in the web debug toolbar

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That's what I call a _major_ improvement. Great work, guys!!
Round of applause, ppl! :)
Such an awesome feature that will be very very useful.

Wish I had it now :).
Very useful! Nice work!
Great work, this is a really cool new feature!
Bravo !
This is the kind of feature that helps moving towards newest releases, Symfony on the edge ;)
Nice and very usefull. The next step could be to add the memory usage and the number of queries in the table displayed when we pass the mouse over the icon.
Great feature!
Really nice and usable feature!!!
Really useful, great job !
Awesome, really helpful!!
really cool :-)
Easily my favourite 2.6 feature! Well done guys, this is going to be EXTREMELY useful.
This is really awesome, can't wait to try this !
really great!!!
So much love
Excelente todos mis nuevos projectos son hecho con Angular y la barra se volvia inutil para mi, gracias esto es una caracteristicas muy buena
Oh my god! I'm going to love this feature! +1
Nice work, guys!
Awesome !! very useful
Nice feature guys !
Really awesome, can't wait to try this! Can't we use core class in older version like sf2.1 ?
C'est très bien !
Awesome, great work
Great work, as usual. The web debug toolbar is one of the most useful tools when developing in Symfony.
It's amazing work!!!! I've been waiting for it!
great Job!

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