New in Symfony 3.3: Search in dumped contents

Contributed by
Maxime Steinhausser
in #21109.

In Symfony applications, you can use the dump() function as a better replacement of PHP's var_dump() thanks to the VarDumper component. The dumped contents can be easily navigated with the collapsible toggles, but sometimes it's hard to find values hidden deep inside complex dumps.

In Symfony 3.3, the dumped contents include a local search box to help you find those values more easily:

To make the search box appear:

  1. Click anywhere on the dumped contents
  2. Press Ctrl. + F or Cmd. + F
  3. Press Esc. to hide the search box

The search experience has been exquisitely polished and it works everywhere:

The web debug toolbar:

The Symfony profiler:

Raw dumps in any PHP application:


Special thanks from me .. since this solved a feature request I submitted :)
Thanks Maxime for this awesome feature ! 😍
F3 and Shift+F3 would be nice to jump to next/previous search result :)
(common shortcut in browsers and other applications with such search feature)
How do you get the file + linenumber? Is this also new or am I missing something in my configuration?
This is awesome! Compliments on all these great DX things in 3.3 so far :)
@Thomas Schulz Here is the discussion for jumping between results:
Is there any plans to release the Symfony Debug Bar as a component? This will be great!!! Not sure if it's possible though
Wow! Good job Maxime, thanks for this feature :)
Useful indeed, good job. ;)
Wow, great feature for debug!
Thanks Maxime
Great! I love it!
That's really nice, thank you guys ;)
Nice !
really helpful, thanks
Very nice feature ! it's a must. Thanks a lot
Great feature !
Wow, nice!
I have not tried this out yet, but already love it! Thank you very much!

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